June 29, 2017

GOM Audio

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GOM Audio is a free, lightweight and modern audio player that can play music from CDs and, MP3s, M4As and many other formats at high quality. GOM Audio was designed to be the audio playback answer to the popular GOM Media Player video playback software. Because GOM Audio is based on GOM Media Player, many of the same features (like A-B Repeat and Playback Speed controls) and shortcuts are included. Furthermore, It also features internet radio stations and can play streams of live broadcasts from all over the world.

Supported audio formats:
  • Audio CDs / MP3 / M4A / OGG / WMA / WAV /MID / FLAC / APE / PLS 
  • Audio that is encoded in AAC is supported when saved as .M4A

GOM Audio Key Features:
  • User-friendly and modern interface
  • Low on system resources
  • Support most common audio formats
  • Manage playlists and Edit ID3 Tags
  • Multi-speed playback, A-B Repeat and Pitch adjustment
  • Internet radio (Open Internet Streams)
  • Built-in 10-band equalizer
  • Sync lyrics and editor
  • Power Options

Download GOM Audio
Security Notice: We've detected that GOM Audio's installer might install third-party/unwanted software. we suggest to proceed with caution and select the "Custom" installation.

Last Update: June 29, 2017

Current Version:

License: Freeware

Languages: Multiple Languages

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32-Bit, 64-Bit)

Developer: Gretech Corp.

Homepage: GOMlab.com

GOM Audio at Google Play