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Megaleechers is a website providing news and information about trending and high-quality applications.
It's a "one-stop" service, that offers a simple way for tracking your favorite apps, as well as discovering new ones.
The web is consistently researched in order to find the most interesting, reliable and effective applications, that fulfill user interests and demands. By using the latest web technologies and unique resources it's giving you the best experience and fast applications updates.


Our goal is to create a user-friendly, fast, safe and dynamic environment for all variety of users regardless of age or expertise.
To achieve it in the best possible way, we have very strict guidelines about our site content and features:
  • We use a modern, clean and simple design, which is well responsive on all devices.
  • Site resources are powered by StackPath CDN ensuring fast web performance.
  • Articles are accurate and written straight to the point.
  • All applications/services are hand-picked and of high-quality, we put focus on quality - not quantity.
  • All applications are checked for malware/viruses before publishing.
  • Our site is ad-free (may change in the future).

What We Provide:

Daily News About:
  • Software (Windows, Mac, and Linux operation systems)
  • Web Apps

  • Free PC games
  • Free/Cheap useful services listing
  • Free software downloads directly from official authors sites
  • Tutorials - tutorials and tricks about computers, social media and more.
  • Discounts - hot deals/coupons/promo codes for software, android, and games.
  • Giveaways - software giveaways for most popular brands.


Our great logo is designed by Sukiafat.
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So why the name "MegaLeechers"?

For most people, the word "leecher" is related to torrents or illegal stuff, but this is not what we meant!
We offer many free content on our site such as free downloads, free/cheap services listing and applications discounts/giveaways, so when we choosed that name we thought about you as "Leechers" from our site.

"Leech"/"Leecher" Definition:
"a person who consumes without giving anything in return"
"Leecher" from Wikipedia:
"In computing and specifically Internet, a leech is one who benefits, usually deliberately, from others information or effort but does not offer anything in return, or makes only token offerings in an attempt to avoid being called a leech"


Megaleechers is an ad-free platform.

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