September 24, 2021

WhatSize 7.6.6 for Mac

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WhatSize is a file system utility that allows you with a chart display, to easily drill-down and discover how your disk space is being used. WhatSize measures the size of your hard drive and allows you to sort, filter, and refine the results. WhatSize will cache measurements for speed and will use Apple's FSEvents to merge file system changes live. Moreover, It also Identifies duplicate files on your system so that you can move them to trash, replace them with hardlinks or simply delete them immediately.

Key Features:

  • Fast performance
  • Discover how your disk space is being used
  • Clean up system unused files
  • Identifies duplicate files on your system
  • Filter Results

Download WhatSize for Mac

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Last Update: September 24, 2021

Current Version: 7.6.6 / 6.5.3

License: Shareware

Languages: English

Supported Operating Systems:
Mac OS X 10.12 or later

Developer: ID-Design, inc.


  • Updated to support macOS Sierra.