SEO Search Engine Optimization

Today getting ranked in search engines is extremely difficult. Search engines improve or change their algorithms almost every day. It is even harder when you are new in the field, and you have no money to spend on testing various SEO platforms (there are thousands). For that, we have created this page to help with your search engine optimization (SEO) needs.

On this page, we will share with you our collection of free SEO tools that have helped us get a better ranking on Google and other major search engines over the years. The best part is that you don’t have to be an SEO specialist or webmaster in order to use these tools – they are all user-friendly, suitable even for SEO novices and unskilled webmasters. Yes! These free SEO services will help you improve your on-page SEO easily with a few clicks and no prior knowledge required.

We advise you to bookmark this page because it’s going to be updated with new search engine optimization tools from time to time. We will also give you tips, so make sure you read our comments. Still here?! Go ahead and improve your SEO now! This article won’t give you the answer to what are the best SEO tools and services. These tools (web-based services or chrome extensions) aren’t hand-picked but are well tested and verified. In this SEO tools collection, you will find many services you didn’t even know existed.

This essential SEO toolkit is well-categorized. We tried to cover SEO tools from all sectors available: Backlinks Checkers, Keyword Research/Analysis Tools, Free Plagiarism Checkers, Web Analytics Tools, Social Metrics Checkers, Better Google Search Console Insights, and more. We have other collections of great tools for web developers or web designers: Free Web Development Tools or Free Web Design Tools and Resources.

Free Web Analytics Tools

Web analytics tools are tools designed to analyze website activity and get in-depth insights of your website visitors.

Traditional Analytics Tools – Website Traffic

Track and examine your website traffic and get comprehensive reports about your website visitors for free. Easily understand how people use your website, where they come from, which pages are the most popular, etc. Analytics tools will help you measure your SEO efforts.

  • Google Analytics – Advanced web analytics tool by Google, that allows you to monitor and analyze your visitors in real-time and shows you detailed reports about your website audience. It’s probably the most popular web analytics application used by millions worldwide. It's also integrating with other Google services from Google Marketing Platform such as GSC (Google Search Console). GA is also offered in a paid edition called Google Analytics 360 (formerly Google Analytics Premium) with more advanced features.
  • MinimalAnalytics – A simple and minimal Google Analytics snippet without having to add external libraries, which result in a faster load time and lower bandwidth usage. This snippet sends page views directly to the Google Analytics API.
  • Woopra (Core Plan) – A comprehensive web analytics tool that gives you insights on your website activity.
  • StatCounter (Basic Plan) – A website analytics tool that lets you track your website activity. The basic plan is limited to tracking the last 500 page views, suitable for hobbyist websites & blogs.
  • Clicky (Free Plan) – A web traffic analysis tool that provides real-time statistics about your audience. Used by 1 million+ users worldwide.
  • Heap (Free Plan) – A web analytics service that allows you to track website visitors’ behavior. The free plan offers up to 10k sessions per month.
  • MixPanel (Free Plan) – An analytics tool to track and analyze your website visitors. Free plan offers up to 100K monthly tracked users, and access to unlimited data history & seats.
  • Matomo (On-Premise Plan) – Web analytics platform and Google Analytics alternative that collect and analyze visitors behavior and gives you 100% data ownership on your data. The free plan requires technical knowledge, and a server.
  • Piwik PRO (Core Plan) – Advanced, privacy-friendly analytics. The Core (Free) plan is limited to 500,000 actions per month, 14-month data retention, and EU cloud hosting.
  • AfsanAlytics (Free Plan) – Advanced website monitoring that offers real time monitoring, complete traffic metrics, visitors engagement indicators, events tracking, SEO analytics and much more. The free plan is limited to 20,000 visitors per month.
  • W3Counter (Free Plan) – Track your growth, by watching on your visitors. Find out where they live, what devices they browse, which pages they visit most and more. Free plan offers up to 30 days of data.

Behavior Analytics Tools: Website Heatmaps, Sessions Recordings, A/B Testing and Users Feedback

Free behavior analytics services that show you heatmaps and visitors’ session recording to understand how users interact with your website. Simply track and analyze visitors’ behavior and get real visual analytics of users’ activity (mouse movements, clicks, etc.) to identify website UI (User Interface)/UX (User Experience) design bugs and performance issues. Moreover, some of them offer to display surveys and get valuable feedback from your users.

  • Microsoft Clarity – Free analytics tool for webmasters from Microsoft, that shows you how people are using your website without hurting your site performance. It's GDPR & CCPA ready and supports all sizes of websites, and offers session recordings, heatmaps, and insights dashboard that shows you interesting user insights.
  • HotJar (Basic Plan) – An analytics tool that offers heatmaps, and visitors session replays to analyze their behavior. The basic plan is limited to 2,000 pageviews a day.
  • Plerdy (Free Plan) – An analytics tool that shows you heatmaps reports and user sessions recording. It also offers PopUP forms, and SEO site audit. Free plan is limited to 2,000 pageviews a day.
  • LogRocket (Developer Plan) – A service that shows you website heatmaps and visitor journey to help you fix website issues. Developer plan is limited to 1,000 sessions per month.
  • InspectLet (Free Plan) – A sessions recording service that will capture visitors activity to let you understand how people interact with your website. Free plan is limited to 1,000 sessions per month.
  • SmartLook (Free Plan) – An analytics tool that allows you to analyze user behavior. The free plan is limited to 1,500 sessions per month.
  • Analyzz (Free Plan) – A google analytics alternative that offers real-time analytics, In-dept user details, heatmap tracking, session recordings, to track visitor behaviour. The free plan is limited to 1 website, 5k page views, 5k visitor events, 20 session replays, 1 heatmap, 30 days data retention.
  • MouseFlow (Free Plan) – Behavior analytics tool to learn how people behave on your website, by recording their activity on every page.

SERP Checkers & Keyword Research Tools

Free keyword research tools to get new (long-tail) keywords ideas & suggestions, search volume, and discover the keywords you already ranked for on major search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Keyword Research

Discover new keywords, long-tail keywords or get suggestions for your page.

  • Google Trends – A free tool that shows you a graph on how popular/trending is a given term/keyword in Google search.
  • Google Ads Keyword Planner – The known keyword research tool from Google to discover new keywords and get keywords insights. It’s mainly designed for paid ads/search engine advertising (also known as search advertising) campaigns, but you can also use it for SEO. If you run ad campaigns on Google, you can use the Google AdWords Editor tool to manage them more easily.
  • Bing Keyword Planner – Bing’s keyword research tool helps you to get long-tail keyword ideas and suggestions for your content.
  • Microsoft/Bing Ads Intelligence – A powerful keyword planning tool that allows you to build and expand on your keyword lists using the familiar Microsoft Office Excel interface.
  • Yandex Keyword Planner – Yandex’s keyword planner tool.
  • Microsoft Ads Keyword Research – Microsoft Ads Keyword Planner tool help you to find powerful new keywords. It’s mainly designed for advertisers but it’s also useful for SEO marketers and copywriters.
  • Ubersuggest – Keyword research tool by the marketer Neil Patel. Get free content ideas, keyword suggestions, competition data and get to know which keywords your website already ranked for.
  • SEMScoop (Free Plan) – A recommended SEO tool that helps you to increase your rankings by discovering profitable keywords. It shows you for a given keyword the "keyword difficulty", and the top-ranked results with detailed reports about each ranked website such as domain metrics and link profile (Page/Domain Authority, Domain Age, Backlinks), content analysis (like where the keyword is shown on the page: H1-H2-H3 tags, title, description, etc), and social engagement.
  • SEOReviewTools Bing Keyword Tool – A free tool to research keywords on Bing search engine.
  • Keyword-Hero (Little Hero Plan) – Keyword-Hero get access to your Google Analytics and Search Console data (via Google certified API access), and lets you analyze the performance of your organic keywords within Google Analytics.
  • Soovle – A powerful yet simple keyword research tool to find new keywords from suggestions and completions of top search providers.
  • AnswerThePublic (Free Plan) – Powerful search listening tool to easily discover new keywords ideas and get insights on questions asked by people for specific keyword. Free plan is limited to two searches per day.
  • TopicMojo (Free Plan) – AnswerThePublic alternative. Learn what your customers want and explore new opportunities for ecommerce, sales, education, and more! Find questions asked by people around the web (Google, forums, social). The free plan is limited to 10 queries per month on both "Questions Finder" and "Topic Model".
  • GetKeywords (Free Plan) – A keyword analysis and research tool that shows you related keywords, suggestions, top questions, top advertisers for your keyword.
  • KeywordRevealer (Free Plan) – A keyword researching service to find long tail keywords. The free plan is limited to 3 daily searches, and 50 daily keyword suggestions.
  • SEOReviewTools’s Keyword Research (Free Plan) – A keyword research tool to get keyword suggestions. This free plan is limited to 100 suggestions per keyword.
  • ExplodingTopics (Free Plan) – This tool analyzes the internet and help you to discover trending topics.
  • Zutrix's Free Google Suggest Tool (Free Plan) – Free Google suggest tool, get keyword suggestions from Google Search.
  • QuestionDB (Free Plan) – Free keyword questions tool to search through database of user questions, to get original ideas and inspiration for new topics to write about. The free plan is limited to 50 results per search.

Keyword Position/Rankings/SERP Checkers

Find the current ranking for a given keyword or most performing keywords for your domain.

  • K-Meta (Free Plan) – Use this tool as an alternative to Google keyword planner. Research high-performing keywords for your website and to examine how well it performs! The free plan is limited to 20 results per report, 20 reports per day, 150 keyword metrics checks per day.
  • SmallSEOTools Keyword Position – A free keyword position checker. Know your website’s positions in SERPs for a given keyword.
  • WhatsMySERP (Free Plan) – Free Google SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) checker tool. The free plan is limited to 10 checks per day.
  • Valentin – Local & international Google SERP checker that will help you to perform a Google search for your keyword on a specific location.
  • Serpple (Free Plan) – Easy rank tracker to track your keyword rankings and view curated metrics about your keyword such as historical keyword search volume and top competitors. Free plan is limited to 10 keywords.
  • ProRankTracker (Free Plan) – SEO rank tracker to analyze your SEO results. The free plan is limited to 20 keywords.

Keyword Search Volume Checkers

As backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors, you should be aware of who is linking/referring to your domain, and make sure you build and maintain a natural and healthy link profile (with relevant quality links). You can use these free services to check your domain backlink profile as well as to research your competitor’s profile.

  • Backlink-Tool – A backlink investigation tool to find all websites linking to your website’s pages.
  • IWebTool – A simple free checker tool to get all backlinks for your domain.
  • SEOReviewTools Backlinks Checker – A free backlink checker tool to get an overview of link-backs to your domain.
  • Cleverstat Backlinks Checker – A free backlink checker tool that gives you list of domains that link to your website.
  • Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker – The free version of Ahrefs’ backlink checker that will perform a in-depth backlink analysis and show you the top 100 backlinks of any website and other essential info. Ahrefs is the second most active web crawler after Google.
  • Pulno – Free service that analyze your domain and give you backlink profile (backlinks pointing to your domain).
  • Linkody's Backlink Checker – A free backlink analysis tool for obtaining detailed insights into a website's backlink profile. You can get info for up to 100 links.

Verify that your backlinks still exist.

  • PrepostSEO Verify Backlinks – A free tool to find out if your backlinks exist on webpages. Supports up to 30 webpages in one check.
  • SheerSEO – SheerSEO offers a tool to guard your backlinks.
  • SEOwl (Free Plan) – An all-in-one SEO analytics and monitoring tool to track your rankings, backlinks, perform health checks, and more. The free plan is limited to up to 50 websites.

SEO Domain Metrics/Domain Authority Checkers

Check your domain or other websites’ SEO metrics to get a reliable indication of the domain ranking potential and trust. Including Moz Metrics – Moz Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA) and Moz Rank (link popularity score), Majestic Metrics – Majestic Citation Flow (CF) and Trust Flow (TF), Majestic Trust Ratio (Trust Flow / Citation Flow – ration below 0.5 is not good), Ahrefs Metrics – Ahrefs Rank (AR), Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR) and URL Rating (UR), and SEMrush scores – SEMrush Domain and Page authority. Some services offer bulk check option.

  • MOZ Link Explorer – Link Explorer (formerly Open Site Explorer) is a free SEO service by MOZ to get the data you need to do better link building research, smarter content ideation, and link prospecting. Limited to 10 checks each month.
  • SimilarWeb – Get website or app insights like traffic overview and sources, SEO rankings, competitors info and more…
  • SemRush Bulk Backlink Analysis – Analyze the "Authority Score" metric of a domain as ranked by SemRush, backlinks and more. You can check up to 200 domains at a time.
  • Ahrefs's Website Authority Checker – Website authority checker to verify the authority of your domain through its Ahrefs ranking.
  • MOZ Domain Analysis – A free domain SEO analysis tool by Moz. See the Top Linking Domains, Top Ranking Keywords, Top Featured Snippets, Top Search Competitors, Top Questions and more…
  • LinkGraph Bulk DA Checker – A free bulk domain authority checker to get an indication of how authoritative is your website.
  • GuestPostLinks's Bulk DA PA Checker Tool – A free bulk domain authority checker tool that will give a report of Moz domain and page authority metrics. You can check up to 20 domains at one time.
  • SEOReviewTools Authority Checker – A free domain authority checker for MOZ Metrics – DA and PA.
  • PrePostSEO Authority Checker – A bulk Moz rank checker that can efficiently handle up to 500 URLs.
  • BulkDAChecker – A free bulk Moz checker. Support up to 5 URLs. *might not work*.
  • SearchEngineReports DA Checker – A free Moz metrics tool to check Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA) & Moz Rank of a domain.
  • SmallSEOTools DA Checker – A free domain authority checker tool to find the MOZ metrics of a given domain.
  • PrePostSEO Bulk Alexa Checker – A free tool to check a Alexa ranking of websites. Support up to 10 websites in one check.
  • ShortList (Basic Plan) – A domain metrics checker tool that gives you domain authority metrics about a domain such as the number of external backlinks, referring domains, citation flow, trust flow, trust ratio, spam score, and domain authority. The Free plan offers 200 checks per month.
  • RobinGupta Checker – A free bulk domain authority checker. Shows Domain Authority, Page Authority, and MOZ Rank. Can check up to 10 websites per search.
  • Linkgraph's Bulk DA Checker – Free bulk DA checker to check the authorities of any domain or page.

Check Google Cache

As a back-up, Google stores (caches) a snapshot of each web page. You can use Google cache checkers to determine the last time Google Bot crawled your website.

Social Metrics Checkers

Free social authority checkers to check the popularity of your website on the social platforms Facebook and Pinterest (other social networks such as Twitter no longer have API access). They show you the social metrics of a given URL, f.e: URL shares, and likes. Social likes and shares don’t have an impact on search engine ranking, but it is always good to check how popular your website is on social media.

  • SharedCount (Free Plan) – Track social metrics on Facebook, Pinterest. Free plan offers up to 500 daily queries.
  • MegriTools Social Status Checker – A social status checker tool to check the social status on Facebook, Pinterest.

SERP Simulator/Meta Tags Tools

Free SEO tools to debug or generate meta tags (page title, meta description, etc.), or to simulate Google's search engine results pages (SERPs). Easily fix your meta tags or preview how your website will look on search engines and social platforms (when someone shares it).

  • – A free SERP preview tool to predict how your website will look like on Google, or social websites (social card preview). This tool also helps you to generate meta tags for your website.
  • HeyMeta – A free tool to check meta tags of a given URL, and generate a social card preview to find out how your website will look on social platforms.
  • InternetMarketingNinjas Webpage Meta Analyzer – A free meta tag analyzer to check essential meta tags data of a webpage.
  • SmallSEOTools Meta Tag Analyzer – Simple meta tag checker to analyze the meta tags of a given URL.
  • SeoMofo Snippet Optimizer – A SERP snippet optimization tool that simulates how your web page will look in Google’s search results.
  • SeoScout SERP Simulator – A SERP simulator to preview and optimize your SERP snippets.
  • Portent's SERP Preview Tool – A Google SERP snippet optimization tool that willpredict how your website will display on Google Search.

Free online services that crawl your website to find broken or dead links (404 error). Broken links can harm your site reputation, result in poor user experience, and in hard cases when there are a lot of broken links – you will lose an essential crawl budget.

  • BrokenLinkCheck – A free online service that checks your website for dead/broken links (both internal and external links). The free plan has a 3000-page limit.
  • InternetMarketingNinjas Broken Links Checker – A powerful free SEO tool that crawls your whole site to find dead links, redirects and more. You can also export that data into a spreadsheet. The free plan has a 1000-page crawl limit.
  • GF.Dev Broken Link Tester - A free broken link finder tool that will crawl your website to find both internal and external broken links.
  • AtomSEO's Broken Link Tester (Free Plan) – AtomSEO Broken Links Checker is an online web tool that crawl your website to check for dead links. You can also use thier Google Chrome extension
  • Dr. Link Check (Lite Plan) – An advanced broken links checker that checks the validity of your website links. The free plan is limited to 1500 links per website.
  • PrepostSEO Broken Link Checker – A free tool to detect dead links on your website.
  • W3C Link Checker – Simple link checker by W3C.
  • Hexometer Broken Link Checker – A free dead link checker tool. Unregistered users are limited to 3000 URLs per domain while free registered users have a limit of 10000 URLs per domain.
  • Marcobeierer's Broken Link Checker – A free online tool to scan your website for broken internal and external links and images. The free plan is limited to 500 URLs.
  • Check My Links – A free link checker chrome extension that crawls your webpage while surfing and looks for dead and broken links.

All-In-One Website SEO

All-In-One SEO Tools offer you multiple tools to manage and optimize your website SEO in many aspects, such as: keyword rankings discovery, on-page SEO audit, backlinks info, social media, and more…

  • Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (Free Plan) – Now free for website owners. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT) crawl your entire website and check for 100+ common SEO issues, gives an overview of your backlinks profile, keywords that your site already ranks for and many more.
  • SemRush (Free Plan) – While SEMrush doesn't explicitly mention a free plan, it does provide a range of valuable free SEO tools. For instance, users can benefit from a powerful website audit, competitor tracking, and so much more. SEMrush has published an article that lists all the features that are available with a free SEMrush account.
  • SheerSEO (Free Plan) – An advanced all-in-one SEO tool, that offers accurate rank tracking, on-page SEO analysis, SEO site audit, backlinks analysis, link creation tools and more.
  • Spotibo (Free Plan) – A SEO audit tool that allows you to crawl 300 pages and perform a SEO analysis for free. Find issues with title tags, meta descriptions, missing image alts. Find duplicate content on your site, indexing problems and much more...

On-Page SEO Auditors/Website Crawlers

Perform a complete SEO analysis of your domain and get free tips on how to improve your website and find crucial SEO problems. With these free cloud-based website analysis tools, you can improve your on-page SEO and website structure without the need for technical knowledge.

  • Lipperhey (Free Plan) – A comprehensive SEO tool that offers free website analysis and gives you technical tips, SEO recommendations, and popularity metrics. Learn how to improve your site in many ways. Free plan provide basic features only.
  • Advanced Site Checker (Free Plan) – A powerful SEO tool to check your site for more than 180 issues in many aspects: SEO, speed, mobile responsiveness, comfort and security.
  • CrawlCenter – A free powerful yet simple cloud based SEO tool for website owners, webmasters and SEO professionals that crawls your site with one click and gives you many SEO reports for your webiste pages such as loading speed, broken links, internal/external links, canonical links, thin content pages, images without ALT texts and more…
  • CheckBot (Free Plan) – A free efficient SEO chrome extesnion to crawl all your website pages from inside your broswer and gives you comprehensive SEO, web speed, and security insights. Over 50 tools to quickly check for SEO and web development issues. The free plan is limited to 100 pages.
  • SEOSiteCheckup (Free Plan) – Analyze your website and get report for common SEO, speed, mobile usability, server and security issues. The free plan is limited to one check per day.
  • SEOBility (Free Plan) – A website crawler and site SEO auditor that offers you on-site audit for free.
  • CloudFlare Radar (Free Plan) – Analyze a given URL and get a comprehensive report on security, performance, technology, and more.

Better Google Search Console Insights

Free services that connect to your Google Search Console (GSC) data and get you better reports on keywords, content ideas, ranking opportunities & recommendations, check for keyword cannibalization, and more. Make the best of Google’s Search Console.

  • KeyLogs – SEO research tool to get better and easier Google Search Console insights. Offers free plan.
  • SEOPoz (Free Plan) – A free SEO product tool that connects to your Google Search Console and extracts valuable information to give you a comprehensive SEO reports about your SEO performance, keyword ranking and more.

Find Guest Blogging Sites

Find websites that accept guest posts.

Content Optimization and Writing Assistants

Ensure your page content is SEO-friendly, to increase your visibility on search engines. Get recommendations on how to improve your content readability, grammar and spelling, keyword use and more.

Keyword Density Checkers

Calculate the keyword density of a given page, to detect keyword stuffing (over-optimization for keywords). Get a report of all keywords that are used in a single page.

Free Plagiarism Checkers

To make sure you are well-ranked, you should check if your web content is not duplicated from another source. Plagiarism is very common these days. These free online plagiarism detectors will help you to check your website content for plagiarism against billions of web pages worldwide.

Alternatively, you can always check for duplicates manually by copying random sentences from your copy and labeling them with double quotes, then perform a search on Google or Bing (up to two lines for every search). If you are hiring writers, you should be aware some of them use article generators to spun content fast (they will also tweak it a little to mask it by using paraphrasing/article spinner tools). Using these tools you can be assured your piece is unique and avoid spammers. Some say that an acceptable percentage of plagiarism is below 15%, but you should aim not to have even 1% of plagiarism in your copy.

  • PrepostSEO Plagiarism Checker – Free AI-based plagiarism checker that checks your content for plagiarism by comparing it to billions of online resources. The word limit for visitors is 500 and for registered users is 1000 words. Can detect the most common types of plagiarism.
  • SmallSEOTools – Free online plagiarism tool that checks for duplicate content with quick and accurate results. Limited to 1000 words per page.
  • PlagiarismDetector – Perform a deep check for plagiarism and make sure your content is authentic. The free plan is limited to 1000 words.
  • PlagiarismSearch – Perform a free plagiarism check to detect copied content within your copy.
  • Plagium – Ensure the originality of a text by detecting and identifying possible plagiarism. 1000 word limit.
  • DupliChecker – Free duplicate content checker. 1000 word limit per search. NOT TESTED!
  • QueText – Free plagiarism checker. Free plan is limited to 2500 words (5 pages) per month.
  • SEOReviewTools – Free duplicate content checker. You can enter a URL or text input.
  • Papersowl – Free online plagiarism checker to check the uniqueness of your articles. If you have wondered about the similarities to EduBirdie, you have great senses because it’s its partner’s website (confirmed by their support team). Important: This tool is very advanced so you should be aware because it might show you false-positives. You must check all sites manually, by verifying marked duplicate sentences inside the results (detected web pages) shown by this tool.
  • 1Text – Advanced plagiarism checker tool to check the uniqueness of your web content. Important: This service might show you false-positives, you must check every website manually.
  • Customwritings – Check your academic papers for plagiarism free of charge. This service is limited to 5 checks every month.
  • SearchEngineReports Plagiarism Checker – A free duplicate checker to verify if your copy is 100% plagiarism free. Limited to 2000 words per check.
  • Dustball – Free plagiarism tool. The daily worldwide limit of free uses is 1,000 checks per day. NOT TESTED!
  • Plagiarisma – Free plagiarism detector that checks your content on Google or Bing search engines for duplicates. Support over 190 languages. You must register to get full access to all features.
  • PlagiarismChecker.Co – You can use this free plagiarism checker to detect plagiarism in research papers, and websites.
  • Writer.Com – Free online plagiarism checker to find out if your content is plagiarized by searching on billions of web pages and sources.

Grammer/Spell/Readability Checkers

Although text quality is not a ranking factor in search engines, it can have side effects on your website’s SEO performances. And even if not, it is always good to know your text is polished, understandable, and is well-written at the right level of your visitor’s type. Furthermore, these tools can help you to improve your English writing whenever you are a writer, editor, student, copywriter, teacher, blogger or professional.

  • Gramara – A unique AI-powered grammar checker. Get grammar and diction correction tips and improve writing style.
  • Grammarly (Free Plan) – A popular and reliable online writing assistant for both native and non-native English speakers that will help you to write better documents. Get suggestions on how to fix and improve your paper grammar and spell.
  • GingerSoftware (Free Plan) – A free writing app that will help you to write mistake-free documents.
  • LanguageTool (Free Plan) – A free multilingual grammar and style checker.
  • Linguix (Free Plan) – A free grammar checker to improve your paper quality and style.
  • Sapling (Free Plan) – An AI messaging assistant to improve grammar and language quality of your papers.
  • SpellCheckPlus – A free tool to check your text for spell mistakes in English.
  • Typely – A free writing assistant tool to check your text for writing errors.
  • ProWritingAid (Free Plan) – A free web editor tool to check your text for grammar and style errors and help you to improve your writing.
  • SentenceCheckup – An advanced free online sentence checker that will help you to correct grammatical and spell errors.
  • Zoho Grammer Checker – Check your paper for for spelling, grammar, and style problems.
  • WordCount's Grammer Checker – A free advanced grammar checker tool that use AI to help you to make sure your writing are error-free.
  • HemingWayApp – A free online proofreading tool to check your text for complex sentences and common writing errors (too long sentence, grammar and spell errors, etc).
  • Shosho – A tool for grammar & style checking. Scan through more than 140k writing style mistakes.
  • MessagePath (Free Plan) – Business writing assistant that will analyze your text and show you statistics and insights to make sure your copy is clean and clear.
  • SEOReviewTools Readability Checker – A free readability testing tool to find the Readability Score of your page. Including readability metrics such as Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease, Flesch Kincaid Grade Level, Gunning Fog Scoreand more…
  • WebFX’s Readability (Free Plan) – Free readability test tool. Get score for readability indicators such as Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease, Flesch Kincaid Grade Level, Gunning Fog Score and more.
  • Outwrite (Free Plan) – AI writing assistant that offers free plan for users, and allows you to check your content and fix spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

AI Content Generators

Auto generate content for your website.

  • WordTune (Free Plan) – AI-powered writing assistant online tool and Chrome extension that can rewrite sentences, suggest alternative words and phrases and much more. Free plan can be used on commercial projects and offers unlimited text corrections and up to ten rewrites and spices per day.
  • Copy.AI (Free Plan) – AI writing productivity tool that help copywritrs to create blog content. Free plan offers 100 free credits per month.
  • LongShot (Free Plan) – Writing service powered by an AI, to research and generate content. The free plan offers 10 free credits per day and unlimited access to topic research.
  • ContentWise (Free Plan) – Fix Grammer, check for plagiarism, and SEO optimize your content with personalized suggestions. The free plan offers up to five documents per month and 2500 words per document.
  • WriterGenie (Free Plan) – AI content generation solution to create website copy. Free plan offers 1500 words per document.
  • EssayBot – A free essay writing assistant powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It will also suggest relevant content to help you write, and include an option to run a grammar & plagiarism check.
  • QuillBot – A web service that offers paraphraser (rewriter), summarizer and grammar checker that will help you to write better and quicker.
  • Snazzy (Free Plan) – An artificial intelligence writing service that allows you to create content automatically.

Search Penalty Recovery Tools

Investigate if your website ranking has been impacted by Google’s algorithm updates (such as Penguin, and Panda). After you’ll sure you got hit by Google’s algorithm, You should verify the quality of your backlinks profile and use Google’s Disavow Tool to get rid of bad or suspicious links and from now on keep on clean backlink profile.

  • Barracuda Digital Panguin Tool – A free google penalty recovery tool to determine if your website got affected by previous Google’s algorithm updates.
  • Website Penalty Indicator – A tool that uses SEMrush organic traffic data to determine of your website is hit by an algorithmic "penalty".

Webmaster Tools/Search Engine Help

The official links for search engine webmasters.

Website Page Speed Test

In 2010, Google has announced that page performance will be a ranking factor on desktop search. In 2018, Google has announced that they are using page speed in mobile search ranking. In 2020, Google has announced “Core Web Vitals” – a collection of metrics (such as speed, and responsiveness) to check user experience on websites.

SEO Blogs and Magazines

SEO Blogs and Magazines where you can get info about SEO and the digital marketing industry from SEO experts. Get breaking SEO news and discover the latest search engine optimization techniques and trends, find out when a new Google Algorithm is released and more...

  • Ahrefs Blog – Search engine optimization news, tutorials, case studies and tips.
  • SEMRush Blog – SEO Blog from SEMRush that gives you info about the digital marketing industry.
  • The Moz Blog – Moz’s Blog that provides pro tips and tricks, tutorials, case studies about SEO.
  • Search Engine Journal – Community-based SEO blog that provides breaking news and latest best practices on the SEO industry.
  • Search Engine Land – Get daily SEO news.
  • CognitiveSEO Blog – SEO Blog from cognitiveSEO with digital marketing news and strategy insights.
  • Yoast Blog – Find out SEO guides for beginners.
  • Mangools Blog – Get help with SEO with case-studies and tutrials for both beginners and advanced SEOs.
  • Backlinko – The famous blog of Brian Dean with quality and exclusive articles about SEO.
  • Neil Patel Blog – The famous blog of Neil Patel – the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics.
  • MatthewWoodward – Award-winning SEO Blog with exclusive SEO tips and tricks.

WordPress Plugins

If you are running a WordPress website, you can use a lot of free plugins available on the market. Among them, you can find very helpful SEO plugins that will help you to automate your SEO work, and write SEO-friendly content, resulting an in better ranking on search engines. You won’t have to hire a SEO expert after you’ll discover these plugins.

  • Yoast SEO (Free Plan) – One of the most popular SEO WordPress plugins. This plugin helped a lot of websites to rank in Google. Beside providing you with a SEO analysis of your website content, it also comes with many advanced features such as automated technical SEO improvements, XML sitemaps, integration, and more…
  • All in One SEO (Free Plan) – Easily optimize your wordpress SEO like an expert.
  • Rank Math SEO (Free Plan) – A SEO plugin for WordPress with many SEO Tools that will help you to improve your site visibility on search engines like Google.
  • SEO by Squirrly (Free Plan) – A.I.-based SEO plugin. Get SEO tips for your site like from a human consultant.
  • SEOPress (Free Plan) – A powerful WordPress SEO plugin, to help optimize your website SEO.
  • Platinum SEO (Free Plan) – WordPress SEO plugin to manage and optimize your onpage SEO easily.
  • The SEO Framework (Free Plan) – Complete SEO plugin for WordPress websites to fix and improve SEO, while following Google’s webmaster guidelines.

That’s it! Hope you found our free SEO tools collection helpful. if you have any suggestions please feel free to contact us by email.