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Sitebulb is a powerful desktop website crawler (similar to Screaming Frog) for Windows and Mac. It features an insightful, unique reporting system and can comfortably handle massive websites with 500,000+ URLs without stressing your computer resources. It will pick out specific issues for you and include a host of data visualizations to make your audit reports look awesome – in particular the Crawl Maps.

Sitebulb combines the intelligent reporting framework of a SaaS crawler with the convenience of a desktop crawler. In fact, it builds upon the benefits of both platforms, whilst avoiding the downsides. It allows you to crawl an unlimited number of domains, whilst also crawling very large sites with ease. Since Sitebulb also gives you the ability to crawl and render JavaScript websites, it is both powerful and versatile.

Sitebulb will take your crawl data and map it out using a force-directed graph, displaying URL ‘nodes’ as dots, with links represented by the connecting lines (‘edges’). The result is an interactive graph that can be incredibly useful for technical SEO audits, often revealing patterns in the site architecture that you’d struggle to spot otherwise.

Sitebulb is available in two editions – Free and Pro. The Free edition allows 500 URLs per audit and unlimited website audits. The Pro edition allows up to 2,000,000 URLs per audit and adds advanced crawling features such as JavaScript Crawler, Crawl Maps, Site Performance, Mobile Friendly Checking.

Sitebulb is licensed via monthly subscription and based on users, so a single user license will be assigned to one person – this user can then log into the Sitebulb tool to use it. If you have 3 people in your team using 3 copies of the Sitebulb software, you will require 3 user licenses.

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Key Features

  • Crawl massive websites and unlimited domains
  • Easily identify the most important issues and opportunities.
  • Intuitive data visualizations that accelerate understanding
  • Communicate complex ideas to help make abstract concepts more concrete.
  • Do complete audits for all your clients, regardless of size or quantity.
  • Crawl and render websites built in a Javascript framework such as AngularJS.
  • Crawl pages from XML sitemaps or pages found in Google Analytics
  • Handle projects that involve new technologies
  • Ready-made recommendations
  • See crawl progress in real time
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Crawl multiple sources
  • Low on system resources

Download Sitebulb v6 Free

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Download Sitebulb v5 Free

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Last Update: March 14, 2024

Current Version: 7.5

License: Freeware / Shareware

Languages: English

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 / Server 2012 / Server 2016 (64-Bit)
Mac OS X 10.12 or later

Developer: Polychrome Ltd


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