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HitmanPro.Alert is an anti-malware/anti-exploit solution by Surfright, designed to protect home and business PCs from exploits that take advantage of the vulnerabilities in the operating system. It can run alongside your current antivirus or by itself, and uses low system resources.

The software is focused on removing and preventing zero-day malware, ransomware, banking Trojans, drive-by downloads, online scams, and identity theft in real-time. Overall, its functionality comes in handy for secure online banking and financial transactions. HitmanPro.Alert detects malware in real-time as well as on user demand.

Malicious software can exploit vulnerabilities in your browser, plugins, and operating system. In the event of infection, HitmanPro.Alert automatically informs you about potential threats and eliminates them.

On top of that, the app comes with the CryptoGuard feature that scans your device’s file system in order to detect suspicious actions. When unusual behavior is detected, the software takes appropriate actions to neutralize malicious codes and help keep your files intact. HitmanPro.Alert uses vaccination and computer masking techniques to shut down virtualization-susceptible malware.

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HitmanPro.Alert is useful for anyone who makes financial transactions over the Internet. It doesn’t work like antivirus software. Instead, it offers specialized protection against zero-day vulnerabilities. HitmanPro.Alert targets users who utilize HitmanPro antivirus/malware protection since HitmanPro is its free add-on; it is not available as a standalone product.

One of the main features of HitmanPro.Alert is Trojan protection. Even if malicious code was able to bypass anti-virus protection, HitmanPro.Alert will help detect and promptly cancel actions this type of threat tends to carry out. Similarly to this, it detects ransomware by making use of the built-in CryptoGuard technology. It automatically neutralizes dangerous software and recovers encrypted files. All this is possible without user interaction.

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Along with that, you may utilize HitmanPro.Alert to recognize missed threats. While conventional antivirus block only well-known malicious programs, the application will help remove even the latest malware. It searches for malicious behavior, analyzes threats, and takes proactive steps to recover infected files and programs.

HitmanPro.Alert monitors all possible channels malware might use to enter your device (for example, through web pages, email, web cameras, and USB devices that emulate a keyboard). Thanks to the app, you are able to benefit from advanced technologies to destruct malicious codes and minimize the risk of hacker attacks.

HitmanPro.Alert automatically notifies users if critical system functions have been affected by a suspicious program and effectively recognizes malware that interferes with browser settings. The product thoroughly removes these threats, and due to the built-in keystroke encryption, it ensures maximum protection against spyware and confidential data theft.

What's the Difference Between HitmanPro.Alert and HitmanPro?

HitmanPro.Alert includes the discovery abilities of HitmanPro, but adds a real-time protection capabilities and a lot of other advanced security features such as ransomware and surfing privacy protection.

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Key Features:

  • Real-time malware detection
  • Advanced cloud-based malware database
  • Detects suspicious behavior like zero-day threats
  • Eliminates potentially unwanted programs using machine learning technology
  • Prevents ransomware from encrypting files
  • Blocks techniques intended for device hacking
  • Ensures bank payment protection certified by MRG Effitas laboratory
  • Utilizes forced sandboxing for potential malware
  • Lends browser protection to prevent unauthorized change in its settings
  • Minimal impact on system performance

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Last Update: March 20, 2024

Current Version:

License: Shareware

English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese Brazil, Russian, Turkish, Danish, Swedish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean, Arabic, Indonesian

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows XP (32-bit Only), Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32-Bit, 64-Bit)

Developer: Sophos Ltd.

Homepage: HitmanPro.com

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