August 20, 2019

SUPERAntiSpyware 8.0.1042

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SUPERAntiSpyware is reliable security tool for detecting and removing spyware, adware, malware, Trojans, dialers, worms, key loggers, hijackers, parasites, root kits and many other types of threats. It's multi-dimensional scanning and process interrogation technology will remove spyware that other applications miss or fail to deal with.

Furthermore, It offers a real-time blocking of threats and allows quick, complete and custom scanning of hard drives, removable drives, memory, registry, or individual folders.

SUPERAntiSpyware is available in three editions: Free, Professional and Enterprise/Corporation (Compare Editions).

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WinSCP (Windows Secure Copy) is an award-winning, open source SFTP client, FTP client, WebDAV client and SCP client for Windows. Its main function is file transfer between a local and a remote computer. Beyond this, WinSCP offers scripting and basic file manager and file synchronization functionality. For secure transfers, it uses Secure Shell (SSH) and supports the SCP protocol in addition to SFTP.

WinSCP is based on the implementation of the SSH protocol from PuTTY and FTP protocol from FileZilla. It is also available as a plugin for Altap Salamander file manager, and there exists a third-party plugin for the FAR file manager.

WinSCP can act as a remote editor. When the user clicks on a (text) file in the remote file manager, it transfers the file to the local machine and opens it in the integrated editor, where Windows users can feel very much at home. Alternatively, the user may choose local editors based on file extensions. Whenever the document is saved, the remote version is updated automatically

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CCleaner Business Edition 5.61.7392

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CCleaner Business Edition 5.61.7392 is an on-premise version of the award-winning CCleaner software for small and medium businesses to maintain multiple desktops, servers and virtual endpoints. CCleaner BE is a cost-effective solution, designed to work on all Windows-based endpoints in the organization. It supports physical endpoints, virtual endpoints, servers and terminal services.

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CCleaner 5.61.7392 (Standard/Professional/Slim)

CCleaner Icon

CCleaner (or Crap Cleaner) is a popular PC optimization, privacy, and cleaning utility. It allows you to clean junk data that accumulates over time from your system - to free up valuable hard disk space, and to clean traces of your web online activities such as your internet browser history allowing you to be a more confident Internet user and less susceptible to identity theft. It's an advanced yet easy to use tool for all types of users both beginners and advanced.

CCleaner was developed by Piriform, a UK based company (that has been acquired by Avast, a cybersecurity software company). It first launched in 2004 and has been growing in popularity since then. The standard, free edition has been downloaded more than 2.5 billion times and is considered the essential tool for everyone wanting to squeeze out every last bit of performance out of their machine. Moreover, it has been reviewed by most popular software experts and tech sites and awarded by them.

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AIMP 4.60.2144


AIMP is a free, lightweight and powerful audio player, that allows you to listen to your favorite music with an outstanding sound quality. It's a great alternative to the popular music player "Winamp", that has been discontinued.
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Opera Browser 63.0.3368.35

Opera Browser Icon

Opera is a free, fast and safe web browser for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platforms, trusted by more than 400 millions users worldwide. Opera Browser is a based on chromium project (Blink engine) and offer a feature-rich alternative to popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
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Advanced Installer 16.2

Advanced Installer Icon

Advanced Installer is easy to use Windows Installer authoring tool that allows you to install, update and configure your products safely, securely and reliably. It's a powerful solution enabling developers and system administrators to easily build reliable MSI packages that meet the latest Microsoft Windows logo certification requirements and follow the recommended Windows Installer best practices. Everything is done in the user interface, without complicated scripts to learn or arcane database tables to edit.

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FL Studio (Windows) | (Mac OS X)

FL Studio Icon

FL Studio (formerly known as FruityLoops) is a powerful music production environment or Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for Windows PCs and Mac OS X, that is capable of multi-track audio recording, sequencing and mixing for the creation of professional quality music tracks. It was first released on December 18, 1997 by Didier Dambrin for Belgian company Image-Line.

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Visual Studio Code 1.37.1

Visual Studio Code Icon

Microsoft's Visual Studio Code is a lightweight but powerful source code editor, available for Windows Mac and Linux OS. It's a development environment for viewing, editing, building and debugging modern web and cloud applications. It's an alternative to Atom or Sublime Text text editors.

Like many other code editors, VS Code adopts a common user interface and layout of an explorer on the left, showing all of the files and folders you have access to, and an editor on the right, showing the content of the files you have opened.

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Microsoft DirectX 9.29.1974 (June 2010)

Microsoft DirectX Icon

The Microsoft DirectX is a series of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that play a crucial role in the function of numerous multimedia, video and programming tasks on Microsoft Platforms. Essentially, it is not a single program, but rather a suite of multiple different components that are dedicated to different tasks and cooperate for the proper software function.

The majority of software that makes use of this collection of programs is gaming programming, as it is one of the most demanding and resource-consuming tasks of a PC. To understand the variety of tasks that are accomplished by this program, it is responsible among other things for the drawing of 2d and 3d graphics, GPU computing, Audio functions, raytracing, and running diagnostics.

The history of DirectX starts back in 1994 when Microsoft needed to create software for the then-upcoming Windows 95, which would act as a mediator between hardware and operating system. The programmers that were tasked with the development of what would later be known as DirectX were Craig Eisler, Alex St. John and Eric Engstrom, who managed to create the API and it was released a year later, in 1995.

This was very important for the gaming industry, as it enabled programmers to develop gaming software and the DirectX would be responsible for running the software and cooperating with the drivers of the hardware.

Before this great shift in technology, game programmers favored the MS-DOS platform instead of earlier Windows versions, as the DOS operating system was much more open in nature and they could utilize all the resources of the hardware. On the other hand, programming on MS-DOS was very time consuming, before the game developers had to write code for each possible hardware combination of the PC configuration.

The DirectX technology solved both of the problems, as it enabled games to exploit all of the resources of the system, while programmers needed to write code that was compatible with DirectX only, and not with dozens of different hardware drivers.

Since the first version back in 1995, Microsoft has continuously updated DirectX in order to keep up with the gradual progress of the gaming industry and the constant development of new and improved hardware. This was no easy task, because the abundance of software and hardware and the constant release of new editions and products, demanded that they tested all possible products in order to ensure their compatibility and fix any possible problems.

Soon after the launch of DirectX, the first consumer 3d accelerators appeared in the market and created a whole new niche of gaming and programming. Up to this date, games where 2d or pseudo-3d, but now new possibilities appeared and Microsoft rushed to implement 3d capabilities in their API, as the first release was 2d only. Initially, the reviews about Direct3D were mixed and many times negative, but year after year they updated and managed to become the absolutely dominant force in modern gaming.

DirectX became also widely used in the world of console programming, as it became the basis for the development of the Microsoft Consoles, namely Xbox, which initially used DirectX 8.1. Since then, DirectX continued to become the tool that we all know and use daily if we are gamers and it really became more and more polished and successful since the 9.0 release which was used in the widely acclaimed Windows XP.

It is noteworthy that Windows XP and DirectX 9.0 (which reached to a 9.0c version) was so popular and successful, that official support lasted for almost a decade (2001-2002 to 2010), something which is not very common in software that constantly changes and upgrade.

Since then, the 10, 11 and 12 versions of DirectX are still dominating the contemporary gaming scene, as they are the absolute protagonists in PC gaming. Microsoft always tried to cope with every new development that happened in the gaming industry, like real-world physics, shaders, raytracing and recently 4k (and even more) quality gaming and video applications.

This constant redefining and polishing of the famous API, along with its simplicity is what has caused its undeniable success. Programmers have a friendly and widely used platform for their creations, while users and gamers can easily run the programs, without having to worry about performance issues and compatibility. DirectX is the program that ultimately tries to guarantee that everything will run smooth and effortlessly in your personal computer.

Microsoft DirectX is installed/included in Windows OS in default:
  • Windows XP SP2+ or Windows Server 2003 SP1/R2 - DirectX 9.0c
  • Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 - DirectX 10
  • Windows Vista SP1+ or Windows Server 2008 SP1+ - DirectX 10.1 (You can upgrade to DirectX11 with KB971512 installed)
  • Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 - DirectX 11.0 (You can upgrade to DirectX 11.1 with KB2670838 installed)
  • Windows 8, Windows RT, or Windows Server 2012 - DirectX 11.1
  • Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2 - DirectX 11.2
  • Windows 10 or Server 2016 Technical Preview - DirectX 11.3 and DirectX 12 (it can only be installed directly from Microsoft Update)

How to check the DirectX version installed on my PC?
  • Click Win+R on your keyboard or go to "Search" in the right edge of the screen.
  • Type "dxdiag" in the dialog box or in the search box.
  • Click "OK" or Select and click on "dxdiag" from the search results.
  • Check the DirectX Version installed on your computer on the System Information section.

Download DirectX End-User Runtimes/Redistributable

Download Web Installer (End-User Runtimes)

Download Web Installer (v9.0c for XP and Server 2003)

Download Offline Installer (Redistributable)

# DirectX End-User Runtimes/Redistributable provides updates to 9.0c and previous versions of DirectX. It will automatically download the right and latest version of DirectX for your Windows version.

Last Update: April 18, 2011

Current Version: 9.29.1974 (June 2010)

License: Freeware

Languages: English

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows XP SP2+ / Vista / 7 / Server 2003 SP1+ / Server 2008 (32-Bit, 64-Bit)

Developer: Microsoft Inc.


Not Available.
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Acronis True Image (2020) | (2019)

Acronis True Image Icon

Acronis True Image 2020 is a complete, reliable local and cloud backup software, that protect your digital life from data loss, hardware failure, malware and any disaster, natural or man-made by being able to restore your information anytime, anywhere. It allows you to safeguard PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices as well as your social media account, all platforms with one solution.

Acronis True Image 2020 quickly restore your files or entire system at any time. It can backup your documents, photos, email, and specific files or folder, or even the entire disk drive, including operating system, applications, settings, and all of your data. It also features "Acronis Active Protection" an integrated Anti-ransomware protection for the personal backup with an AI-based defence that stops ransomware attacks in real time.

Acronis protects the data of over 5 million consumers and 500,000 businesses in over 145 countries.

Acronis True Image 2020 is available in three editions (compare editions - All editions available as 1, 3 or 5 machines licenses):
  • Acronis True Image (Standard), a 1-time purchase license
  • Acronis True Image Advanced, a subscription license
  • Acronis True Image Premium, a subscription license

Standard license is unlimited in time. Annual subscription means your license is limited for 1 year. You can renew your subscription and continue using the product. Acronis True Image subscriptions include cloud storage. By purchasing Acronis True Image Advanced subscription, you can select between a 250GB and 500GB cloud storage quota.

Acronis True Image Premium subscription has 1Tb, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 5TB quotas. Having cloud storage unlocks additional features like storing your backups and archived data in cloud and accessing and sharing this data from anywhere anytime, as well as keeping your social networks content (photos, videos, liked pages and much more) safe by backing up your Facebook account.

Acronis True Image 2020 Premium Subscription offer unique features including patent-pending Acronis Active Protection (only available for Windows) that ensure constant data availability even when faced with a ransomware attack.

Acronis Active Protection uses industry-leading techniques to actively detect and neutralize ransomware attacks to protect your files, backups, and software from loss due to ransomware. Active Protection works in the background has minimal impact on system performance and doesn't conflict with antivirus software and Windows Defender.
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August 19, 2019

360 Total Security / Essential / Mac 1.2.6

360 Total Security Icon

360 Total Security 2019 is a unified solution for your PC security and performance, trusted by more than 500 million users worldwide. For security, it offers you a complete protection against viruses and other online threats by integrating award winning antivirus engines from 360 Cloud Scan Engine, 360 QVMII AI Engine, Avira, and Bitdefender - to provide you the ultimate virus detection and threat protection. Moreover, It will protect you from cybercrime at any moment: when you shopping on line, downloading files, browsing a webpage or chatting with your friends.
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Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities Icon

Glary Utilities is an all-in-one system maintenance utility designed for both novice and experts users. It provides one-stop solution to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC.
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UltraISO Premium Edition

UltraISO Icon

UltraISO is an ISO image file creating/editing/converting tool and a bootable CD/DVD maker. It can directly edit an ISO file, make ISO images from CD/DVD-ROMs, and create a new ISO from files and folders on your computer.

In addition, the program can convert nearly all known CD and DVD image formats to ISO, BIN/CUE, Nero (NRG), Alcohol 120 percentage (MDS/MDF), and CloneCD (CCD/IMG/SUB) formats, as well as burn CD/DVD images directly with built-in burning engine and emulate ISO images with up to 8 virtual CD/DVD drives.
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Waterfox 56.2.12

Waterfox Icon

Waterfox is a open-source, high-performance Firefox-based browser for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, that designed specifically for 64-bit systems and for privacy and user choice in mind. Waterfox browser offers many optimizations compared to original Firefox source code and puts a focus on the performance and speed. It contains modifications designed to take advantage of the 64-bit system architecture and provide speed improvements over Mozilla's flagship browser.

Waterfox was the first community Firefox builds to release a 64-Bit version of Firefox 4 when it first came out. It also was one of the first widely distributed 64-Bit browsers on the web and quickly gained a loyal following. It was started back in March 2011 by Alex Kontos, a 16 year old student. Today, It has over 6,000,000 downloads spanning 180 countries.

Alex Kontos created the browser to focus on giving users choice while also helping make the world a better place. It's partnered with Ecosia, a search engine that plants trees with its generated revenues (Ecosia is the default search engine of the browser). Moreover, there is no plugin whitelist, you can run whichever extensions you like and absolutely no data or telemetry is sent back to Mozilla or the Waterfox project.

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