October 4, 2019

7-Zip 19.00

7-Zip Icon

7-Zip is an open source file archiver with the high compression ratio for ZIP and GZIP formats, It's a free alternative to the popluar shareware archivers WinRAR and WinZip. It uses its own 7z archive format, but can read and write many other archive formats and offers a significantly higher compression ratio than its peers - up to 40% higher. It is developed by Igor Pavlov and was first released in 1999.

By default, 7-Zip creates 7z-format archives with a .7z file extension. Each archive can contain multiple directories and files. As a container format, security or size reduction are achieved using a stacked combination of filters. These can consist of pre-processors, compression algorithms, and encryption filters.

The core 7z compression uses a variety of algorithms, the most common of which are bzip2, PPMd, LZMA2, and LZMA. Developed by Pavlov, LZMA is a relatively new system, making its debut as part of the 7z format. LZMA uses an LZ-based sliding dictionary of up to 4 GB in size, backed by a range coder.

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July 18, 2019

WPS Office 2019 Free / Premium

WPS Office Icon

WPS Office (formerly Kingsoft Office) is a powerful, cross-platform office suite which support iOS and Android, as well as Windows and Linux PCs and offers a number of features for creating, viewing and editing personal and business documents. It's an alternative to expensive Microsoft Office software, used by over 460 million people worldwide and offers three reliable office programs: WPS Writer, WPS Presentation, and WPS spreadsheets, plus PDF tools to fulfill all of your document needs.

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Nitro Productivity Suite | Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro Icon

Nitro Productivity Suite 2019 is a new PDF suite (an integrated solution) that combines the new PDF features and advantages of Nitro Pro 12.0 with the eSigning of Nitro Cloud to deliver unprecedented PDF productivity and unlimited eSignature workflows and to help you to get more with documents.

Nitro Pro 12 (previously Nitro PDF Professional) is an advanced and reliable tool for creating, editing and converting PDF and digital documents effortlessly. Nitro Pro provides a powerful arsenal of easy-to-use tools that make working with digital documents simple, straightforward, and more cost-effective.
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Malwarebytes for Mac

Malwarebytes for Mac Icon

Malwarebytes for Mac (formerly Anti-Malware for Mac) is an easy to use security tool that quickly scans and remove cyberthreats, including malware, adware, and potentially unwanted programs from your Mac. It features a ultra-fast real-time protection to automatically block and remove these threats and innovative and fast detection engine that has minimal impact on device operations to ensure Mac computers run like they should.
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CCleaner Business Edition 5.60.7307

CCleaner Business Edition Icon

CCleaner Business Edition 5.59.7230 is an on-premise version of the award-winning CCleaner software for small and medium businesses to maintain multiple desktops, servers and virtual endpoints. CCleaner BE is a cost-effective solution, designed to work on all Windows-based endpoints in the organization. It supports physical endpoints, virtual endpoints, servers and terminal services.

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CCleaner 5.60.7307 (Standard/Professional/Slim)

CCleaner Icon

CCleaner (or Crap Cleaner) is an award-winning and popular system optimization, privacy and cleaning utility, developed by Piriform. It a multifunction small and effective tool designed to protect your privacy online and makes your PC computer faster and more secure.

It allows you to clean junk data that accumulates over time from your system - to free up valuable hard disk space, and to clean traces of your web online activities such as your internet browser history allowing you to be a more confident Internet user and less susceptible to identity theft.

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Advanced SystemCare Free/Pro

Advanced SystemCare Icon

Advanced SystemCare is an all in one PC enhancement utility and security software that helps you keeping your PC safe, fast and clean. It's award-winning software that has over 150 Million downloads worldwide, It's a "must-have" tool for making your PC running like a new one.

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CloudMounter 3.4.546 for Mac

CloudMounter Icon

CloudMounter is a reliable, all-in-one cloud manager designed to unite all cloud storages resources and web servers under one platform allows mounting them to your Mac as local disks. It enables connecting to Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP, SFTP, FTPS and WebDAV servers in Finder as if they are located on your machine. With an active Internet connection, CloudMounter gives you an unlimited Mac disk space.

CloudMounter is a secure utility that keeps all files and personal data in your Clouds thoroughly protected. it encrypts them with the high-end encryption algorithm (AES256). So, in case if your account is stolen, no one gets access to your personal information - only CloudMounter user with a master password can see it.

Viewing the storage from any other point of access (i.e. browser or native client) will show nothing but nonsense. CloudMounter allows encrypting Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3 as well as the files on FTP/WebDAV servers.
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File Viewer Plus /

File Viewer Plus 3 is an advanced Windows file utility that you can use to open, edit, save, and convert files. The software can open over 300 file formats, including PDFs, word processing documents, spreadsheets, images, audio files, video files, compressed archives, source code files, and many more. File Viewer Plus also includes a batch converter that allows many files to be converted at once.

File Viewer Plus is a universal file viewer and converter tool that allows you to view, edit, save, and convert over 300 different file formats - in one single package that can save you the hassle and money of buying multiple/expensive third-party software. Moreover, It's simple to use, offers an advanced editing/converting functions, and features a batch converter that allows you to convert hundreds or even thousands of files at once.
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Revo Uninstaller Free 2.1.0 / Pro 4.1.0

Revo Uninstaller Icon

Revo Uninstaller is a free uninstall manager, a very powerful and faster alternative to "Windows Add or Remove Programs"/"Windows Programs and Features" apples, that let you effectively and easily uninstall any unwanted application or component on your computer.

The program has an advanced, accurate and fast algorithms, that scans for unnecessary leftovers data after the uninstall of a program, such as folders, windows services, drivers, file associations, registry keys, shell extensions, COM components, windows Installer components, program settings and more!
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Malwarebytes for Windows

Malwarebytes Icon

Malwarebytes 3 is a comprehensive security solution that can thoroughly detect and remove most advanced (zero-day) threats (including viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware, and rootkits), that even the most well-known anti-virus and anti-malware applications fail to detect. It can replace antivirus or run alongside other antivirus programs.

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Malwarebytes AdwCleaner

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner Icon

AdwCleaner is a free anti-adware tool for Windows that will scan your computer and efficiently remove obnoxious programs that slow and impede your computer’s performance. Using innovative technology, it's able to detect Adware (ads software), PUP/LPI (Potentially Unwanted Programs), Intrusive Toolbars, Hijacker (Hijack of the browser's homepage) and other junkware. Moreover, It also features anti-adware host that will help to prevent advertising software from installing on your machine.
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IcoFX 3.3.0

IcoFX Icon

IcoFX is a professional icon and cursor editor for Windows. It is an all-in-one solution for icon creation, extraction, and editing. With a wealth of tools and over forty predefined effects at your fingertips, there is nearly no limit to the icons you'll be able to produce. you'll be able to simply convert your favorite pictures into icons, or icons into pictures.
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July 11, 2019

UltraDefrag Free 7.1.2 | Standard/Enterprise 8.0.1

UltraDefrag Icon

UltraDefrag is a fast, advanced and reliable open-source disk defragmentation utility for Windows, that rearranges files on your disk so the operating system, applications, and games perform much better. It can quickly boost the performance of your computer.
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July 7, 2019

FlexiHub 3.6.12038

Flexihub Icon

FlexiHub is a cross-platform, secure sharing solution that provides an easy and convenient way to access and manage remote USB and Serial port devices from anywhere over the network. It does not matter where they are located physically - in the next cubicle or across the globe.

You don't need any hardware, long cables or additional settings as long as the computers have FlexiHub installed on it. Moreover, FlexiHub allows inviting other users to access any of your USB devices easily with no hassle. Just send the invitation and they will be connected.

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