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O&O BlueCon is the disaster recovery software designed specifically for recovering data within enterprise environments. It’s the first aid kit for users, administrators, and service technicians that provides a large collection of professional tools (from O&O Software GmbH) for keeping systems up and running – and getting damaged Windows systems up and running again with no new installation required. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, the integrated tools are extremely easy to use and require little time for learning how to use them.

For many IT departments (Administrators and IT Service Providers), a system crash that results in a blue screen is a nightmare. When O&O BlueCon is at their disposal, they’d not only be able to take such situations in their stride but would also increase their chances of resolving problems faster and recovering data.

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BlueCon is at an administrator’s side during the course of a daily routine as well as whenever disaster strikes. Based on Microsoft Windows PE – the installation platform on which all current Windows systems are founded), it offers a wide range of programs for, among other things, repairing systems, searching and correcting errors, restoring lost data, resetting passwords, and the list goes on. The program belongs to the standard toolbox of any IT administrator.

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All O&O BlueCon’s programs and features can be run directly from the O&O BlueCon bootable medium – CD/DVD or USB stick without any installation – even if Windows is defective or no longer able to start and by doing so prevents data loss through the writing of data to the computer, which could occur during a new installation. The program bootable medium supports Windows 10 and Server 2012 R2.

O&O BlueCon is available in four editions: Admin, Admin Plus, Tech Edition, and Tech Plus:

  • The Admin Edition is person-bound, i.e. it is licensed per administrator and can be applied to all computers in the company.
  • The Admin Edition Plus also contains O&O DiskImage for backing up and restoring data.
  • The Tech Edition allows the user to provide a data recovery service to clients. It is licensed per technician, i.e. it allows a technician to work on any number of different computers.
  • The Tech Edition Plus also contains O&O DiskImage for backing up and restoring data.
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Key Features:

  • Windows-based interface
  • Search for errors and check drives
  • Resolve Windows errors and restore systems
  • Manage users and reset forgotten passwords
  • Secure data deletion before computer disposal or transfer
  • Recover files that were accidentally deleted
  • Search for, copy, and reposition data
  • Reload driver even before program start
  • Support for Hyper-V: works in virtual environments
  • Start directly from bootable disk
  • Support Windows file systems: FAT12/FAT16/FAT32/NTFS4/NTFS5
  • Supports Windows Deployment Services (PXE boot server)
  • And much more…

Integrated O&O Apps in pack:

  • Backing up and restoring data: O&O DiskImage Server Edition
  • Restoring accidentally deleted data: O&O DiskRecovery
  • Driver problems and service issues: O&O DeviceManager
  • Secure deletion of data volumes: O&O SafeErase
  • Resetting passwords: O&O UserManager
  • Partitioning hard disks: O&O PartitionManager
  • Combat errors in the registry database: O&O RegEditor
  • Advanced error detection: O&O EventViewer and O&O CheckDisk
  • Command lines, option for entering commands directly – O&O Prompt
  • Locating and removing data: O&O FileExplorer
  • Readout system parameters – O&O SystemInfo
  • Display and edit text files – O&O Notepad
  • Downloading additional tools: Integrated web browser

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Last Update: March 03, 2023

Current Version: 20.0.10077

License: Shareware

Languages: English, German

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 / Server 2003 / Server 2008 / Server 2012 / Server 2016 / Server 2019

Developer: O&O Software GmbH

Homepage: OO-Software.com

  • NEW: Creation of a PXE Boot Medium direct from the Boot Assistant
  • NEW: Bitlocker drives can be unlocked and accessed
  • NEW: Scripting over Windows 10 networks
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