Web Development

Looking to improve your web development productivity? You have got to the right place! Look around for essential or interesting free web development tools (web dev tools) suitable for both beginners and professional users (webmasters, developers, marketers, designers, and system administrators), that will help you to build and maintain your websites, improve your productivity, boost creativity, and learn how to become a better developer. Moreover, most of the services listed here will save you a lot of time and money.

We cover many types of tools on our list and for each one, we tried to give at least three different options, so you’ll pick the one who you find the most suitable for you. It's including Website Speed Test and Performance Optimization, DNS Analysis, SSL Test, Security Checkers, Code Validators, Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing, Online IDE, and more...

These tools allow you to test and debug (including simulating user browsing), improve your code, and make it error-free (HTML, CSS, JS), which will result in a better user experience. This article won’t give you an answer on what the best web development tools are on the web. For that, you'll need to find out yourself by testing each one individually. But for sure, you should know about these web development services!

While building this website over the years, we used some tools listed below, and we wanted to share them with you too! We also have other collections of free useful tools: Free SEO Tools or Free Web Design Tools and Resources.

Did you know? Browsers have free built-in tools!

You should know that most popular web browsers (such as Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge) already have built-in tools for professional web development, which are offered for free and do not require additional modules or extensions, meaning you can use them right in the browser:

Free Website Builders

Free website builders for webmasters who want to deploy beautiful, professional, and responsive websites fast and easily with a couple of clicks, without the hassle of coding and designing. You can create any type of website you desire for pretty much any topic, whether it’s a personal website, blog, online store, showcase, landing page, or a corporate page. With website building platforms, you won’t need any technical experience! No coding (HTML/CSS/JS) skills or any development experience are required! You should note that some of the services will show small ads on the website.

  • Wix – A powerful yet easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder for free. Choose your design from 500+ ready-to-use responsive templates. Uses by 140+ million users around the world.
  • Weebly – A powerful yet simple free drag-and-drop website building service.
  • WebFlow – A powerful website building platform to simply create a website penny-free. Over 40 million users.
  • Site123 – A modern platform to build custom websites fast with just a few clicks. 250+ templates available.
  • IMCreator (XPRS) – A free web site builder to craft and publish free websites.
  • WordPress – One of the world’s most popular website builders/CMS (Content Management System).
  • HubSpot's CMS – Easily build a professional website with HubSpot's free content management system.
  • Google Sites – Very simple tool from Google to build free websites without the need to know programming languages.
  • Carrd.co – A free website building platform to craft a one-page websites.
  • Ucraft Website Builder – A free professional block-based website builder.
  • Strikingly – A free website building service to create, design and publish free websites with no coding or design skills.

Website Speed Test & Performance Optimization

Analyze your website load speed, and learn how to increase your webpage performance and improve user experience with advanced optimization tips and recommendations. Page speed is also a ranking factor, so these tools will help you to improve your SEO too. There is no need to worry too much, however, because this factor doesn't carry as much weight as other factors.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights – An free online tool from Google that will measure the performance of your website and give you suggestions on how to get it run faster. This tool gives you insights for both desktop and mobile versions. PageSpeed Insights is powered by Google Lighthouse, and is actually its web UI version.
  • GTmetrix – A popular tool that analyzes your webpages and give you a detailed overview on your website performance.
  • Pingdom – An advanced tool to analyze the performance of your websites and make it fast on all devices.
  • WebPagetest – Run a free website speed audit.
  • Uptrends – Test your website performance in the latest versions of most popular browsers.
  • YellowLab – A free tool that runs a quality audit to detect performance and front-end code quality issues.
  • Varvy SEO Pagespeed – Find out what is slowing down your site.
  • Dotcom-Monitor – Test your website speed from multiple locations worldwide.
  • GiftofSpeed – Offer website speed test tools, and techniques to optimize page speed.
  • KeyCDN Website Speed Test – Test your website speed across different locations around the world.
  • KeyCDN Performance Test – Analyze your website performance (load times) on multiple areas across the globe.
  • Sucuri Performance Test – Find how long it takes to connect to your site and for one page to fully load.
  • Hubspot Website Grader – A free tool from Hubspot to check your website speed and get recommendations how to improve it.
  • Bitcatcha Server Speed Checker – Check what is your web hosting server response time.
  • ByteCheck – Check the responsiveness of your webserver and network resources.

All-In-One Website Analysis Tools

Perform a website insight of code quality, security, accessibility, and performance.

  • DareBoost (Free Plan) – A comprehensive yet easy-to-use all-in-one website quality analysis and performance optimization tool. Get an audit of your website’s quality with a lot of advanced optimization tips. Both web and SEO professionals can find it very useful. Free plan offers 5 test per month.
  • Pagelocity (Free Plan) – Free online tool to quickly analyze your website and get optimization tips.

DNS Analysis Tools

Perform a DNS lookup from multiple countries.

  • DNS-Map DNS Propagation Check – DNS lookup service for checking domain name server records against a randomly selected list of DNS servers in different corners of the world.
  • Check-Host DNS – DNS checking is very useful for monitoring domain of any website. It gets an entry for hostname or IP from nameservers in different countries at one time.
  • ViewDNS – View a complete report on the DNS settings for your domain.
  • DNS.Computer – Generate DNS audit for your domain.
  • WhatsMyDNS – Perform a DNS lookup to check a domain names current IP address and DNS record information against multiple name servers located in different parts of the world.
  • DNSChecker.ORG – Free DNS lookup service for checking domain name server records against a randomly selected list of DNS servers in different corners of the world.
  • CompleteDNS DNS History – DNS record history database.

SSL Certificate Testers

Diagnose the SSL certificate configuration of your domain. SSL (Actually it's now TLS which is an upgrade of the old SSL, but people still call it SSL) is a security protocol used to make sure your visitors are protected from man-in-the-middle attacks.

  • SSLShopper SSL Checker – diagnose problems with your SSL certificate installation.
  • Qualys SSL Test – Deep analysis of the configuration of any SSL web server on the public Internet. Get a ranking on your SSL.
  • ImmuniWeb SSL Security Test – Web Server SSL Test, SSL Certificate Test and more.
  • HTTPCS SSL Test – Check if your SSL Certificate is valid.
  • GeoCerts SSL Checker – Verify that your SSL certificate is installed correctly on your server.
  • HackerTarget's SSL Checker – Discover known vulnerabilities with a free SSL/TLS scanner powered by the SSLyze library. To check a website add ":443" at the end, like this: https://www.example.com:443.

Domain Reputation/Trust Checkers

Find out if your website is safe from malware, and check your domain reputation/trust.

  • Google Transparency Report – Safe Browsing is a service that Google’s security team built to identify unsafe websites across the web and notify users of potential harm.
  • VirusTotal – Analyze suspicious files and URLs to detect types of malware, automatically share them with the security community.
  • Web Of Trust – for safety checks on any website based on community ratings, reviews, and machine learning algorithms.
  • Norton Safe Web community – Reputation service from Symantec. Get your site ranked by the Norton Team.
  • ScamAdviser – Free online service to check if a website is reliable and safe to use.
  • SiteSafety By TrendMicro – Analayze your website with one of the largest domain-reputation databases in the world.
  • URLVoid – This service helps you detect potentially malicious websites. Analyze a website through 30+ blacklist engines.
  • URLScan.io (Free Plan) – A free service that scans and evaluates websites, providing a comprehensive report for easy and reliable identification of malicious websites.
  • IPVOID – Check if a domain name is classified as potentially malicious or phishing by multiple well-known domain blacklists like ThreatLog, PhishTank, OpenPhish, etc.
  • URLQuery – A free service for evaluating the reputation and security of websites.

Responsive Testing Tools

Free responsive design testing tools. Test your website on any screen size including desktops, tablets, televisions, and mobile phones.

  • ReadyMobi – Check if your website mobile ready.
  • Responsinator – Check if your website is responsive.
  • Google Mobile Friendly Test – Check if your webiste is mobile friendly.
  • Responsive Design Checker – Check how responsive is your website.
  • Chameleon – Chrome extension that lets you quickly view the responsiveness of your web app in multiple device viewports.
  • Viewport Resizer – Responsive testing chrome extension to easily test your website responsiveness.
  • Responsive Viewer – A responsive design testeing chrome extension to check your website responsiveness on multiple screens once.

Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing

There are plenty of different web browsers that each one comes in many different versions. These tools help you to test your website among 1000+ different browser versions and to make sure your website working correctly on all of them. Some of them allow you to simply take screenshots and others allow you to perform a live test on a cloud virtual machine. You can check the browser market share worldwide by StatCounter, or browser statistics by Stetic.

  • BrowserShots – Generate screenshots of over 200 different browsers.
  • Browserling – Cross-browser testing tool to test your website with most popular browsers.
  • IE NetRenderer – A free screenshot service.
  • Sauce Labs – Testing service to check websites compatibility across multiple browsers.
  • LambdaTest (Lite Free Plan) – Perform Live Interactive and Automated Cross Browser Testing on 2000+ Real Browsers and Operating Systems Online.

Code Manipulation and Optimization Tools

Free online code manipulation and optimization tools.

Minification, Compression and Cleanup Tools

Make the size of your source code much smaller with HTML, CSS, JSON, and Javascript minification and compression tools to improve your website’s load time, get cleaner code, improve your programming style, and reduce bandwidth consumption of your server. Compress your files up to 90% of their original size by removing unnecessary characters (such as whitespace or comments), combining duplicate elements, shortening element names, and more techniques. You should note your code might not be readable anymore.

  • Google Closure Compiler – Google’s Javascript minification tool to optimize your Javascript code and make it smaller.
  • Refresh-SF – Minify your JavaScript, CSS and HTML. This tool uses UglifyJS 2, Clean-CSS and HTML Minifier. This tool has not been updated since 2016.
  • JSCompress – Online JavaScript compressor to save up to 80% of your JS code size. This tool is using UglifyJS 3 and babel-minify.
  • UglifyJS-Online – Online JavaScript minifier to reduce the size of your JavaScript code. This tool is powered by UglifyJS 3.
  • Javascript Minifier – Online JavaScript minification tool to optimize your JS code.
  • Official Clean-CSS – The official browser-compatible build of Clean-CSS – a CSS compression tool. This service only works by uploading css files to the server.
  • Adamburgess Clean-CCS – Another online CSS minification tool that is powered by Clean-CSS to minimize CSS source code.
  • Minifier.org – Reduce the size of your JS and CSS files. Powered by Matthiasmullie minify solution.
  • Toptal Javascript Minifier – JavaScript minifier and compressor, with quick and convenient API access. You can also check the CSS version.
  • CCSMinifier – CSS compression tool.
  • UglifyCSS – CSS minifier tool based on UglifyCSS engine (a port of YUI Compressor to NodeJS for its CSS part).
  • HTML Compressor – Reliable tool to reduce the size of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Smarty code.
  • CSSO (CSS Optimizer) – A CSS compressor online tool which is powered by CSSO v4 engine. It will compact/minify your CSS code by cleaning redundant definitions, merging declarations or rulesets, shorting forms and more.
  • Kangax HTMLMinifier – Free advanced HTML minifing tool to compress HTML code by removing unnecessary code.
  • CleanCSS JSON Minifier – An online tool to minify your JSON code

Find Unused CSS code

Identify unused CSS definitions in your stylesheets and remove them. You can also use the 'Coverage' tab in Chrome Developer Tools to find unused CSS.

  • Unused-CSS – Detect unused CSS on your website.
  • JitBit UnusedCSS – Scan your website for unused CSS selectors.
  • UnCSS-Online – Remove unused CSS from your stylesheets.
  • PurifyCSS-Online – Find and remove unused CSS code from your website. This tool is based on PurifyCSS.

Code Formatters/Beautifiers

Free tools to beautify, deobfuscate and format your code, making it readable.

  • Beautifier – Online HTML/JavaScript/CSS beautifier tool. (You have an option to switch between HTML, Javacript or CSS)
  • Prettier – An opinionated code formatter that support many languages.
  • DirtyMarkup – Free code beautifier tool to convert JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code into a readable code.
  • CodeBeautifier – Free CSS Formatter and Optimizer based on csstidy 1.3.
  • Unminify – An online code beautify tool to unminify (unpack, deobfuscate) JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML and JSON code, making it readable and pretty.

Validate Code

Tools to validate your website code (HTML, CSS, JS) quality and make sure it meets the accessibility standard.

  • W3C Markup Validation Service – This validator checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc.
  • Validator.nu – HTML5 Validator.
  • JSHint – JavaScript code quality tool to to detect errors and potential issues in your JavaScript code.
  • FreeFormatter – Validates the HTML string/file for well-formedness and compliance with w3c standards.
  • CodeBeautify’s JS Validator – Simple tool to validate JavaScript code.
  • W3C CSS Validation Service – Validates Check Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and (X)HTML documents with style sheets.
  • JSONLint – A free tool to validate JSON code.
  • CSSLint – Check your CSS code for errors.
  • Can I use – Up-to-date browser support tables.
  • HTML Validator – Chrome extension to validate HTML powered by HTML Tidy.

Regex Tools


Free online regular expressions (shortened as regex or regexp) tools to learn, build, debug and test regex patterns easily for JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Java, and Python and more. You should notice that there are many regex engines, which means that regular expression syntax, style, and feature sets support might be a little different between different coding languages (the basics are the same but there are some little differences). For example, PHP uses Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE) while JavaScript uses ECMAScript. If you wish to learn the basics of Regex, you can find some great interactive regex tutorials in our curated learning courses list.

  • Regex101 – A free online regex tester to debug regular expressions.
  • Debuggex (Free Plan) – Test your regex by visualizing it with a live editor.
  • IHateRegex – Find Ready-Made Regex Patterns.
  • Regexr – Free advanced online tool for building and testing regular expressions.
  • MyRegexTester – An advanced online regular expressions tester with an option to generate code samples for several coding languages such as PHP, C#, ASP and more.
  • PHPLiveRegex – A free online PHP regex tester allows you to test regular expressions in real time directly in your browser.
  • Rubular – A Ruby-based regex tester to test regular expressions in real-time.
  • RegEXE – An online tool to test regex patterns and instantly visualize the results. Moreover, it provides the possibility to replace text.
  • MyRegexp – A simple tool to test JavaScript regular expressions.
  • Pythex – Free regex debugger for Python.
  • Regular Expression Simplifier – A free tool to simplify and shorten a regex pattern effortlessly by removing redundant elements.
  • ExtendsClass Regex Tester – Free regular expression tester for multiple languages JavaScript, Python, Ruby , Java, and PHP.

Difference Checkers

Free online diff tools to visually compare two files (text, source code, PDF, etc.) against each other to find differences. Beside online difference checkers there are several local/offline ways to compare text (for example if you worry about security). Since version 2022 of Visual Studio, it includes a built-in file compare feature, Notepad++ has a "compare" plugin (can be installed via Plugins > Plugin Manager), Sublime Text has some plugins (like Compare Side-By-Side plugin), and also built-in file comparison functionality (could be different depending on the version you use). However, if these options do not meet your requirements, there are dedicated difference checker software that is specifically designed for this purpose.

  • DiffChecker – An advanced online comparison tool to find the differences between two text, pdf, or image files.
  • Mergely – An online diff checker tool for comparing and finding the differences between documents.
  • Spinbot Difference Checker – An online text comparison tool that rapidly scans two pieces of text, providing a comprehensive report that identifies and highlights their differences.
  • W3Docs Code Diff – Free online tool to compare two text inputes. With this tool, you can effortlessly identify the differences between the provided texts as it efficiently highlights them.

Code Obfuscation - Protect Your Code

Javascript Obfuscators

Free online JS obfuscator tools to protect your JavaScript code from theft or reuse. Using advanced algorithms these services transform your code and make it difficult to understand by humans. Although it’s impossible to get 100% protected code, it will at least hide it from newbie programmers trying to steal your projects. For most of the obfuscators listed here, users can just use JavaScript beautifiers to make it readable again, but beware some obfuscators are one-way and cannot be reversed-engineered using this method. These services will also compress and optimize the code to improve website performance and save server bandwidth.

  • Javascript2Img – Unique way to encrypt your JavaScript source code from theft or reuse. The code generated by this tool is protected even from JavaScript beautifiers trying to revert the encryption back.
  • FreeJSObfuscator – A free online Javascript obfuscator makes your code harder to read. Beware that the protected generated code cannot be converted back to original source code.
  • JavaScript-Obfuscator – Advanced online tool to protect your JavaScript source code from copying by making it unreadable to humans. This service can be used for free on commercial websites.
  • Obfuscator.io – A free JavaScript obfuscation tool to encrypt your JavaScript code making it harder to read to protect it from theft or reuse.
  • JS-Confuser – Free obfuscator tool for JavaScript code with support for ES2022 that makes your code more challenging to copy.
  • JSDefender – Demo version of JSDefender that allows you to obfuscate individual JS files.

PHP Obfuscators

Although website visitors can't see your PHP code, obfuscating it is ideal when you want to hide your code from web hosting employees or privileged users. The tools listed below will allow you to obfuscate only individual files, if you need to protect multiple files fast, deploy the following free GitHub repository in your server: pH-7 Obfuscator.


Deobfuscators are useful when you want to decode your own code, or when you want to check if an obfuscated code is malicious.

  • UnPHP – Free online PHP decoder.
  • Deobfuscate.IO – A powerful javascript deobfuscator that support decoding of multiple obfuscation techniques.
  • De4js – Free JavaScript deobfuscator and unpacker.

Free CDNs

Free CDN services to get greater website performance and security. You can compare CDN services on CDNPerf.

For Third Party Libraries

Free public content delivery networks (CDN) that host javascript libraries (such as jQuery), fonts (such as Google Fonts), and CSS frameworks (such as Font Awesome, or Bootstrap), and serve them from multiple server points around the world with better cache mechanism to increase website performance. These services provide fast, reliable, and automated solutions for serving files on the web with no bandwidth limits.

  • Google Hosted Libraries – The Google Hosted Libraries is a reliable global CDN that hosts the most popular, open-source JavaScript libraries. It used by more than 15% of websites all over the world.
  • jsDelivr – A public, open-source CDN developed to provide secure and fast way to serve open-source third party libraries on websites.
  • Cdnjs – A free and open source content distribution network that is powered by Cloudflare to serving third party JS libraries. Supports HTTP/3, HTTP/2, QUIC, SPDY, HSTS & HTTPS. Host almost 4000 libraries.
  • PageCDN – A free public CDN for serving third party libraries to accelerate website load-time.
  • Microsoft Ajax – Free and open source content distribution network powered by Microsoft that host popular hird party JavaScript libraries such as jQuery.
  • Yandex CDN – Yandex is a large Russian internet company that also provides CDN services for third party libraries. It is great for russian customers.
  • BootstrapCDN – Recommended CDN for Bootstrap, Font Awesome and Bootswatch.

For Entire Website

Free CDN solutions for your entire website or media assests that help your website to load faster by serving your images and static files (like CSS and JavaScript) from global network.

  • Cloudflare (Free Plan) – Popular free CDN that will speed up your website and improve its security. The CDN is powered by 200 datacenters in more than 100 countries. It is also including DDoS attack mitigation, content caching, and support for HTTP/2 & HTTP/3. It’s used by major online businesses such as Zendesk, IBM, Mozilla, Yelp, Reddit and supporting approximately 25 million internet properties.
  • QUIC.Cloud (Free Plan) – Free CDN service to deliver your website assets at high speed. It's also offering unique global content delivery network features for WordPress users such as caching the dynamic HTML page itself. Free plan provide an unlimited free bandwidth, network of six PoPs and more.
  • Cloudinary (Free Plan) – CDN service that will serve and manage the media assets (images and videos) of your website and deliver them with high performance.
  • Dexecure (Free Plan) – CDN service to make your website load faster. Free plan is limited to 5GB bandwidth and 75,000 optimization requests.
  • Statically (Free Plan) – Free ulimited WordPress CDN to optimize your website speed.
  • CloudImage (Free Plan) - Accelerate your website speed, by using an image CDN to optimize your images. Optimization including resizing, compressing, converting format, and delivering images through fast CDNs worldwide.
  • Hostry (Free Plan) – Global CDN network to get faster load time and improve the speed of your website. Free plan is limited to 10GB traffic.
  • Jetpack Site Accelerator (Free Plan) – Jetpack Site Accelerator (Formerly Photon) is a CDN solution for WordPress that will accelerate your website by serving static (CSS, Javascript) and image files from high performance network.
  • ImageKit (Free Plan) – Image CDN service to deliver images on your website. You can also optimize the size of your images, resize, and more. The free plan provides unlimited requests and transformations, 20GB media library storage, and up to 20GB bandwidth per month.
  • Quicq (Free Plan) – Image optimization and Image CDN service to serve your images smartly. The free plan provides 100,000 optimizations and 25GB per month.
  • Gumlet (Free Plan) – Image CDN and optimization service that serve your files by fast CDN server, and compress and resize images, to get maximum performance of your sites. Video steaming and video insights services are also available. The free plan offers 30GB of bandwidth per month.

Web-based IDEs and Code Editors

Cloud-based code editors and IDE (Integrated Development Environment)/WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editors to test your coding skills and debug your code without the hassle of installing and configuring a local development environment. Most of these tools allow you to get a live preview of your code.

  • MDN Playground – Online web development tool to test HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. This tool includes useful features such as autocomplete, code formatting with "prettier," and the option to share your work with others.
  • jsFiddle – Playground for web developers, an online editor for web snippets. Helps to isolate bugs.
  • JS Bin – Front-End developer playground & code editor for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You also have to option to run JSBin locally.
  • StackBlitz – Browser-based IDE that support both front-end and back-end languages (Such as Node.js or Next.js).
  • CodePen – An online IDE for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code editing.
  • Replit (Free Plan) – An easy to use browser based IDE to code in 50+ languages.
  • LiveWeave – Allows web designers and developers to code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while providing a real-time preview of their code.
  • CodeSandbox – An online coding environment tailored for web applications.
  • GitHub Codespaces (Free Plan) – A developer environment that allows you to run Visual Studio Code on the cloud. (If you don't know Microsoft has acquires GitHub in 2018). The free plan offers up to 60 hours per month.
  • Gitpod (Free Plan) – A cloud development environment to deploy and code your apps with your favorite code editor. The free plan offers up to 50 hours per month.
  • Mozilla Thimble – An online code editor that makes it easy to create and publish your own web pages while learning HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
  • MyCompiler – A browser-based development environment to edit, compile and run code. Supported languages include: Java, C, C++, C#, Ruby, Python and more…
  • OneCompiler – Free online compiler that allows you effortlessly execute codes in real-time for more than 60 programming languages & databases, including Javascript, NodeJS, HTML, Python, and MySQL. You can improve and test your programming skills by completing Coding Challenges.
  • Ideone – Online compiler and debugging tool that support more than 60 programming languages.
  • HTML5-Editor – An online code editor for HTML5.
  • HTML-Online – An HTML editor to create and edit HTML code easily. It features auto source cleaning options and a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor that allows you to get a preview of your code in real-time. You can also check HTMLCodeEditor, which is the same editor just without the TinyMCE.
  • JSitor – Online JavaScript, HTML, and CSS editor. Easily run and test your web projects online.
  • OnlinePHP – Advanced PHP sandbox to experiment and test your PHP code on 400+ PHP versions.
  • PHPSandbox (Free Plan) – Coding environment to develop PHP apps online.
  • DB-Fiddle – A real-time SQL database playground for testing, debugging and sharing SQL snippets.
  • Codeply – A free online editor designed to simplify your web design and frontend development. This online tool offers many frameworks like Bootstrap, React, Tailwind, and Vuetify, as well as a collection of over 50K code snippets.
  • RunJS – A simple online JavaScript playground for testing your code and receiving real-time results.

Free Website Monitoring

Free website monitoring services to watch over your website health, uptime or page speed and get alerts when a problem is detected (like when your website is down or when there is a performance issue).

  • StatusCake (Free Plan) – A freemium service that offers website uptime (5-min interval), and page speed monitoring for free.
  • Hexometer (Free Plan) – A website health monitoring tool thats offers automatic uptime, broken links, JS error, security vulnerabilities, and page speed monitoring.
  • UpTimeRobot (Free Plan) – An uptime monitoring service tool to detect when your website is down. Free plan is limited to 2 monitors.
  • Netumo (Free Plan) – Monitor all your domains and websites with easy to use domain and website uptime tracking service. Free plan is limited to 1 domain.
  • BetterStack (Free Plan) – Monitor your websites and servers and get actionable alerts when they are down. Free plan is limited to 10 monitors and 3-minute checks.
  • VisualPing (Free Plan) – Useful monitoring tool to track your pages for any visual or text changes and automatically send an email when it found one. Free plan is limited to two pages per day and 65 checks per month.
  • ChangeTower (Free Plan) – A website change detection tool to track visual changes and get alerts.
  • DomainFox (Free Plan) – A domain expiry monitoring platform that will alert you when via email, SMS, or slack you domain has expired. The free plan is limited to one domain only.

Identify the cookies that are installed on your website. Get cookies insights and verify if your website comply with the Data protection laws: EU Cookie Laws (ePR – ePrivacy Regulation) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Cookies are small text files stored on your browser with information about websites you visit. Alternativly, you can audit your website for cookies manually by using browser inspect tools. For Chrome/Opera: You need to open the developer console. 1. Click on the top-left button (three vertical dots) > More tools > Developer tools or Right-Click on your page and click on "Inspect". After you have opened the developer console, you should go to "Applications" tab and expand the "Cookies" option from the menu on the left under "Storage" tab (You can also click on the lock icon next to the URL on the top address bar). For Firefox: Same as Chrome, instead of “Inspect” – it will be named “Inspect Element”, and instead of “Applications” tab – it will be named “Storage”.

  • CookieMetrix (Free Plan) – See which cookies are installed on your website and find out if your website comply with the EU Cookie Law policy. Results presented might not be 100 % correct.
  • SiteChecker Cookie Checker – Free simple website cookie checker that shows you which cookies your website use.
  • CookieBot (Free Plan) – Free website cookie checker tool to verify if your website cookies is compliant with the EU Cookie Laws.
  • CookieYes (Free Plan) – An advanced cookie consent solution that add a cookie banner to your website with automatic script blocking. Free plan is limited to 5000 consent logs per month and 100 pages per website scan.
  • CookieServe – Free cookie checker tool to find out which cookies are used by your website.
  • CookieFirst (Free Plan) – A cookie consent management service to show a detailed cookie banner on your website that compliant with the GDPR, LGPD and CCPA.
  • CookieConsent – Free cookies management tool to create a cookie consent that comply with GDPR and ePrivacy Directive.
  • 2GDPR – Free cookies audit and cookie banner builder to create a cookie consent banner based on Osano’s script. You can also run a cookie audit to your website on homepage.
  • Osano – A cookie consent management solution to easily manage your privacy compliance. The free plan is limited to 5,000 visitors per month, one website and one domain. This service also provide a free website privacy audit or open source cookie consent popup for your website.

Source Code Search Engines

Free source code search engines to search the web for code lines inside websites source code or source-code repositories such as GitHub, Bitbucket etc. Using these tools you can improve your programming skills, remove legacy code, and fix code issues.

  • SearchCode – Search the web for functions, code snippets, API’s and libraries in 240+ languages across 10+ public code sources (over 40 million projects).
  • Sourcegraph (Free Plan) – A source code search engine for developers that support searching codes on more than 500,000 repositories such as GitHub, Azure DevOps, AWS CodeCommit.
  • PublicWWW (Free Plan) – A free source code search engine for website owners and digital marketers that allows you to search for and inside websites on the web. You can search inside the source code of websites for specific HTML, JavaScript, CSS snippet, sites that use specific versions of nginx server, sites using specific WordPress theme, sites that mention you and more.

Free Privacy Policy Generator

Generate a free privacy policy or other legal documents (terms & conditions, cookies policy, etc.) that are required by law. Ensure your business is covered. Comply with many privacy laws around the world, such as GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation), CalOPPA (California Online Privacy Protection Act), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) and more.

  • PrivacyTerms.io – Generate a free privact policy statement for your websites or apps.
  • FreePrivacyPolicy – Free privacy policy generator using a questionnaire. It will help you to comply with COPPA, CalOPPA, GDPR plus meet the requirements of Google Analytics & AdSense and many others.
  • PrivacyPolicyOnline – Easy to use free online tool to create a basic privacy policy for your business.
  • WebsitePolicies (Free Plan) – Generate professional legal documents for your website using a questionnaire wizard. Free plan is limited in features and require you to give an attribution.
  • PrivacyPolicyGenerator – Easily generate free basic privacy policy agreement.
  • Shopify – A free privacy policy generator from Shopify that will help you to make sure that your website or app complies with the law.
  • GetTerms (Free Plan) – Create a basic free policy for personal use.
  • Termly (Free Plan) – Create a free privacy policy to comply with GDPR, CCPA, CalOPPA laws.
  • TermsFeed (Free Plan) – Generate legal agreements for your website.
  • PrivacyPolicies (Free Plan) – Get a free privacy policy with limited features.
  • Auto Terms WordPress Plugin – A free wordpress plugin to create legal pages using a simple wizard.

Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting services for startups.

  • Github Pages – Host your GitHub repository for free.
  • Google Sites – Create a free website with Google's free website hosting service.
  • Cloudflare Pages – Deploy a static website from Github repo for free.
  • AlwaysData (Free Plan) – An hosting service that offers free 100MB package to host your files, with unlimited sites, domains and applications, full SSL support, automatic backups and more.
  • InfinityFree (Free Plan) – 100% Free web hosting with 5GB disk space, PHP, and MySQL support and unlimited bandwidth.
  • AwardSpace (Free Plan) – Adless web hosting service with 1GB disk space and 5GB bandwidth.
  • 000Webhost – Free hosting from Hostinger with PHP, MySQL, cPanel. The package is limited to 300MB disk space, and 3GB bandwidth.
  • GoogieHost (Free Plan) – Free NVMe SSD hosting that offers 1GB SSD storage, 100GB bandwidth, Direct Admin Panel and free SSL certificate.
  • FreeHostia – Cloud hosting that offers free 250MB storage, and 6GB monthly bandwidth.
  • FreeHosting (Free Plan) – Free hosting that provides 10GB storage, unmetered bandwidth, cPanel, and compatible with majority of modern web applications.
  • 100Webspace (Free Plan) – Stable web hosting service that provides 100MB disk space, and 3GB monthly traffic.
  • Byet.Host (Free Plan) – Free hosting service including 1GB web storage, PHP, MySQL, FTP, Vistapanel and more!
  • WpNode (Free Plan) – Free WordPress hosting limited to 1GB disk storage, and 10GB bandwidth.
  • AccuWebHosting (Free Plan) – Free WordPress hosting that offers 2GB disk storage and 30TB bandwidth.
  • FreeHostingNoAds (Free Plan) – Free web hosting with many features such as free website builder, PHP, MySQL, control panel. Hosting package is limited to 1GB web space and 5GB bandwidth.
  • 1MB.Co (Free Plan) – Easily host your website or blog in just a few clicks. Free plan offers 1GB storage and 5GB monthly bandwidth.
  • Biz.NF (Free Plan) – Host your website for free with no ads. Free plan offers 1GB web space and 5GB data transfer, 1 POP3/SMTP, Webmail, and PHP support.
  • 50Webs (Free Plan) – A web hosting that offers a free package with ads. The free package offers 500MBMB disk space, 5GB traffic per month, and 10 hosted domains.

DNS Hosting

DNS (Domain Name System) hosting services will help you to manage your domain names. DNS services convert domain names into IP addresses, so instead of connecting IP addresses, we can access a website using its domain name like "domain.com". You can compare DNS services on DNSPerf. If you wish to perform a domain name lookup, you can use Google Public DNS.

  • Namecheap FreeDNS (Free Plan) – Free advanced DNS hosting service that you can use for any domain, registered anywhere.
  • ServerSpace (Free Plan) – Free DNS hosting that allows you to manage up to 50 domains.
  • ClouDNS (Free Plan) - Simple service to manage your DNS records. Free plan is limited to 1 DNS zone, 50 DNS Records, and 500K DNS queries per month.
  • EasyDNS (Free Plan) – DNS management service. Free plan is limited to 3 nameservers/ POP, 20 resource records, and 250K DNS inquiries per month.
  • BuddyNS (Free Plan) – Secure DNS service for your domains. Free plan is limited to 330K DNS inquiries per month.
  • DNSimple (Free Plan) – DNS and domain management service. The free plan offers 100 DNS records per zone.

Cloud Hosting

Use cloud hosting to safely store and backup your website data online. If you care about privacy, you should check if your cloud hosting has a zero-knowledge policy (or zero-access encryption), which means no one besides you has real access to your data, not even the service provider (cloud hosting) employers. Alternatively, you can encrypt the data yourself before uploading it to the cloud (f.e. by using Axcrypt or any archiving software).

  • pCloud (Free Plan) – Secure cloud storage for your data. pCloud has a zero-knowledge encryption model but you'll have to pay for it. Free plan offers up to 10 GB free storage.
  • Google Drive (Free Plan) – Online-based data storage service provided by Google. Get 15GB free cloud space.
  • Dropbox (Free Plan) – Securely store your files on cloud with free 2GB of storage. You can find the desktop app on Dropbox for Windows.
  • Internxt (Free Plan) – Zero-knowledge cloud storage service to store and backup your files. Free plan offers free 10GB encrypted cloud storage.
  • IceDrive (Free Plan) – Get free 10GB cloud storage with 3GB daily bandwidth. IceDrive offers zero-knowledge encryption built-in.
  • NordLocker (Free Plan) – A cloud service to store your files in a private vault with end-to-end encryption. The free plan offers up to 3GB cloud storage.
  • Box (Free Plan) – Secure file storage and sharing for personal use. Free plan provides 10GB free space.
  • Microsoft OneDrive (Free Plan) – Cloud-based file storage and sharing service to save and access your files online. Free plan offers 5GB storage.
  • Skiff Drive (Free Plan) – A secure and reliable storage solution that safeguards your files, documents, and photos with end-to-end encryption. The free plan offers 10GB free storage.
  • iDrive (Free Plan) – Cloud storage platform that allows you to store your files in the cloud. Free plan offers free 10GB cloud backup.
  • Dracoon (Free Plan) – Secure cloud hosting to save your files online. Free plan offers free 10GB cloud backup.
  • Sync (Free Plan) – Online data storage that allows you to backup your files to cloud. Free plan offers 1 GB data traffic per month and total of 10GB cloud storage.
  • ZagDrive (Free Plan) – Online backup service to secure your files. Free plan offers 10GB cloud storage.
  • cBackup (Free Plan) – Online backup solution that offers easy sync of your files to the cloud. Free plan offers 10GB cloud storage.
  • Memopal (Free Plan) – Protect your files and backup them online. Free plan offers 3GB cloud storage.
  • GitHub (Free Plan) – Use one of the largest and most advanced development platform to host your websites files.
  • GearHost (Free Plan) – Cloud hosting for your .NET, PHP, Node.js apps.

Technology Lookup Tools

Discover which technologies are being used by certain websites and apps including CMS, frameworks, CDN, analytics tools, payment processor, WordPress plugins, JavaScript libraries, programming languages, fonts and more. See behind the hood of any website and find out how they was built.

All Website Types

  • Wappalyzer (Free Plan) – A website profiling tool to identify technologies that are used on websites. Free plan offers 50 credits per month.
  • WhatRuns – A technology profiler tool to simply look up for the technologies that are behind any website.
  • BuiltWith – Find out what websites are built with.
  • Hunter.io Tech Lookup – A free service to list websites by technologies. Search through a database of millions of websites and compile comprehensive lists of sites that utilize similar technologies.

WordPress Only

  • What WordPress Theme Is That – Effortlessly identify the WordPress theme of any website (including both the parent and child themes), and also detect the plugins used.
  • ScanWP – A tool to scan a WordPress website and determine which theme and plugins was used to built it.
  • InspectWP (Free Plan) – A website analysis tool that provides a comprehensive and detailed audit report with many unique features such as security check, GDPR audit, webmaster-tools detector and more. Moreover, it has special capabilities in detecting WordPress websites. The free plan offers up to 5 reports per day.
  • WPDetector – A tool to scan a WordPress website and determine which theme and plugins was used to built it.
  • WPThemeDetector – WordPress theme & plugin detector.
  • Kinsta's WP Theme Detector – WordPress theme detector by Kinsta.
  • Gochyu – A WordPress detector that can help you identify the WordPress theme used on a WordPress website. This tool also able to detect Shopify, Drupal, Joomla!, Squarespace, and Prestashop websites.
  • IsItWP – Discover if a given website is utilizing the WordPress platform. Obtain detailed information about their WordPress hosting services, including WordPress themes, plugins, and much more.

Server Management Tools

Handy tools to manage your server.

Website Security Tools

Security tools designed to thoroughly assess the security level of your website. To ensure the security of your website, it's important to utilize the most up-to-date web technologies and implement HTTP security headers such as X-XSS-Protection, X-Frame-Options, and Content-Security-Policy. If you have enough knowledge in web security, you can get help from HackTools browser extension to test your web app for common vulnerabilities.

  • Quttera Website Malware Scanner – Check your website for malware and vulnerability exploits online.
  • Sucuri Malware Scanner – Check your website for known malware, viruses, blacklisting status, website errors, out-of-date software, and malicious code.
  • ImmuniWeb Website Security Test – GDPR & PCI DSS test, Website CMS security test and more.
  • UpGuard Website Security Scan – Free website security tester to get a free risk assessment.
  • PCRisk Website Security Scan – Free online website malware scanner to scan your website for malware and exploits.
  • Pentest-Tools Website Scanner – Accurate web vulnerability detection tool to instantly identify and validate critical vulnerabilities like XSS, SQL injection, Command injection, XXE, and more...
  • Mozilla Observatory – Scan your site and learn how to configure their sites safely and securely.
  • Webbkoll – Helps you check what data-protecting measures a site has taken to help you exercise control over your privacy.
  • BeagleSecurity (Free Plan) – Discover security issues on your website. The free plan offers only one test per month.
  • Probely (Lite Plan) – Online service to scan your website for vulnerabilities. The free plan offers five free credits per month.
  • HackerTarget Security Scan - Perform a comprehensive security assessment of any website based on WordPress to obtain a thorough understanding of its security status.
  • DNSDumpster by HackerTarget - A free domain research tool to obtain a comprehensive overview of an organization's domains and identify hosts associated with a domain that could be vulnerable to attacks by hackers.
  • WPScan - Ensure the security of your WordPress site by identifying potential vulnerabilities.
  • Security Headers – Get a security report of your headers.
  • CSP-Evaluator – A tool by Google to check if your Content Security Policy (CSP) header is secure enough. You can also get general info about CSP.
  • Csper – Useful tool for examining and evaluating the content security policy of websites. It can identify security misconfigurations and provide helpful suggestions for improvement.

HTTP Request Debugging Tools

Online tools to perform and test HTTP requests.

  • HTTPStatus – Easily check status codes, response headers, and redirect chains.
  • Hoppscotch – Open source API development ecosystem to easily send requests and get responses in real-time. You can send GET, POST, PUT, HEAD and many other HTTP methods.
  • UrlCheckr (Free Plan) – Bulk url checker to analyse server responses. Free plan is limited to 250 requests per month.
  • AskApache HTTP Headers – An HTTP Request Debugger.
  • SeoBook Server Header Checker – Show Server Headers for a Webpage.
  • KeyCDN HTTP Header Checker – HTTP Header Checker tool by KeyCDN to perform an online curl test.

Favicon Tools

  • Favicon.cc – A tool to create or download favicon.ico icons.
  • RealFavIconGenerator – A free favicon generator for all platforms.
  • FavicoMatic – Generate favicon for all sizes including iOS, Android, Metro & more.
  • IcoConverter – A free online tool that allows you to effortlessly convert any image to ICO file, so you'll be able to use it as a favicon.
  • Favicon.io – Simple favicon generator to quickly generate your favicon from either text, or image.


  • Libraries.io – Service that monitors over 7 million open source packages across 32 different package managers. It aims to assist in the discovery of new open source packages, modules and frameworks and monitor of ones you depend upon.
  • LibHunt – Explore popular and trending open-source projects and their alternative.
  • Redirect.Pizza (Free Plan) – A domain redirect service, offering complete HTTPS support and API compatibility, enables you to easily establish domain redirects without the need of hosting them. The free plan offers up to 100,000 requests per month.
  • SeoBility’s Redirect Check – Discover SSL or WWW redirect problems in your website.
  • TextMechanic – Find and Replace Text.
  • Universal Cyrillic decoder – Auto decrypt text with the right encoding.
  • PineTools – Free text tools such as removing duplicate/empty lines, remove unnecessary white, find and replace text and more.
  • Whats My Browser Size – Find out what is your browser size.
  • SpriteGen – Free CSS sprite generator. sprite is used to combine multiple images into one image and use CSS properties to display the different images. It is helpful to reduce the number of HTTP requests resulting in increased website performances
  • BrowserDefaultStyles – Handy tool to view the default browser styles for elements.
  • RocketScrape (Free Plan) – Reliable and advanced web scraping API that helps to scrape HTML or JSON from websites. The tool also offers an option to scrape the rendered page (after Javascript executed). Great for data collection and website crawling. Free plan offers 5000 credits per month.
  • CanInclude – Find out if you can include child tag to a parent tag. For exmaple, 'div' tag inside 'ul' tag.
  • TinEye – Free reverse image search tool to discover where your images are used online.
  • IPApi – An IP address location service that provides API to find the geolocation of an IP address or device. The free plan offers up to 30K IP lookups per month.
  • GenerateWP – Collection of free tools to generate custom and high-quality code for WordPress effortlessly. For example, you can generate a wp-config file.

That’s it! if you have any suggestions please feel free to contact us by email. Hope we helped you!