June 29, 2020

Free Online Web Development and Web Design Tools

Free Online Web Development Tools

Looking to improve your web development productivity? You got to the right place! look around for useful and interesting online web development tools (web dev tools) suitable for both beginner and professional web professionals (webmasters, developers, marketers, designers, and system administrators), that will help you to improve your productivity, boost creativity, and learn how to become a better developer. moreover, some of the services listed here will save you a lot of time. the best of all they are all 100% free!

These tools allow you to test and debug (including simulating user browsing), improve your code, and make it error-free (HTML, CSS, JS), which will result in better user experience.

Did you know? browsers free built-in tools!

You should know that most popular web browsers (such as Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer) already have built-in tools for professional web development, which are offered for free and do not require additional modules or extensions, meaning you can use them right in the browser:

Website Speed Test & Performance Optimization

  • Google PageSpeed Insights - A tool from Google that will analyze the content of your website, then generates suggestions to make that page faster.
  • Web.Dev - See how well your website performs. Then, get tips to improve your user experience.
  • GTmetrix - A free, comprehensive tool that analyzes your page's speed performance.
  • Pingdom - A free Website Speed Test to analyze the load speed of your websites, and learn how to make them faster.
  • WebPagetest - Run a free website speed test from around the globe using real browsers at consumer connection speeds with detailed optimization recommendations.
  • Uptrends - Free Website Speed Test. Test your website performance in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and IE.
  • YellowLab - Open source project that allows you to test a webpage and detects performance and front-end code quality issues.
  • Varvy SEO Pagespeed - Find out what is slowing down your site.
  • Dotcom-Monitor - Test your website speed from multiple locations worldwide.
  • GiftofSpeed - Offer website speed test tools, and techniques to optimize page speed.
  • KeyCDN Website Speed Test - A full-page speed test that can be performed from 14 different locations around the world.
  • KeyCDN Performance Test - Analyze your website performance (load times) on multiple areas across the globe.
  • Sucuri Performance Test - Find how long it takes to connect to your site and for one page to fully load.
  • Bitcatcha Server Speed Checker - Check what is your web hosting server response time.
  • ByteCheck - Check the responsiveness of your webserver and network resources.

DNS Analysis

  • DNS-Map DNS Propagation Check - DNS lookup service for checking domain name server records against a randomly selected list of DNS servers in different corners of the world.
  • Check-Host DNS - DNS checking is very usefull for monitoring domain of any website. It gets an entry for hostname or IP from nameservers in different countries at one time.
  • ViewDNS - View a complete report on the DNS settings for your domain.
  • DNS.Computer - Generate DNS audit for your domain.
  • WhatsMyDNS - Perform a DNS lookup to check a domain names current IP address and DNS record information against multiple name servers located in different parts of the world.
  • DNSChecker.ORG - Free DNS lookup service for checking domain name server records against a randomly selected list of DNS servers in different corners of the world.

SSL Test

Security/Domain Reputation/Trust Checker

  • Google Transparency Report - Safe Browsing is a service that Google's security team built to identify unsafe websites across the web and notify users of potential harm.
  • VirusTotal - Analyze suspicious files and URLs to detect types of malware, automatically share them with the security community.
  • Quttera Website Malware Scanner - Check your website for malware and vulnerability exploits online.
  • Sucuri Malware Scanner - Check website for known malware, viruses, blacklisting status, website errors, and out-of-date software, and malicious code.
  • ImmuniWeb Website Security Test - GDPR & PCI DSS Test, Website CMS Security Test and more.
  • UpGuard Website Security Scan - Free Website Security Test. Get a free risk assessment of that website.
  • Mozilla Observatory - Scan your site and learn how to configure their sites safely and securely.
  • Web Of Trust - for safety checks on any website based on community ratings, reviews, and ML algorithms.
  • Norton Safe Web community - Reputation service from Symantec. Get your site ranked by the Norton Team.
  • SiteSafety By TrendMicro - Analayze your website with one of the largest domain-reputation databases in the world.
  • URLVoid - This service helps you detect potentially malicious websites. Analyze a website through 30+ blacklist engines.
  • IPVOID - Check if a domain name is classified as potentially malicious or phishing by multiple well-known domain blacklists like ThreatLog, PhishTank, OpenPhish, etc.
  • Security Headers - Get a security report of your headers.

Validate Code

Test Responsive

Minify, Compress and Resize

  • Refresh-SF - Minify your JavaScript, CSS and HTML. This tool uses UglifyJS 2, Clean-CSS and HTML Minifier.
  • Unused-CSS - Detect Unused CSS on your website.
  • Unused-CSS - scan your website for unused CSS selectors.
  • HTML Compressor - Reliable tool to reduce the size of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Smarty code.
  • DirtyMarkup - Tidy up your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code
  • ResizeImage - Free online image resizer.
  • TinyJPG - Smart JPEG and PNG compression.
  • Compress-or-Die - Online image compressor and resizer for design professionals.
  • iLoveIMG Image Resizer - Resize JPG, PNG, SVG or GIF by defining new height and width pixels. Change image dimensions in bulk.
  • Kraken Image Optimizer - Free Online Image Optimizer by Kraken.io, free edition offers only compressing of images.

Color Scheme and Element Generators

Find Icons

  • Font Awesome - Popular and easy to use icon set and toolkit. Get vector icons and social logos on your website.
  • Icons8 - Download free icons.
  • IconFinder - Free and premium vector icons. 3+ million SVG icons.
  • Noun Project - Over 2 Million curated icons, created by a global community.
  • IconMonster - Free simple icons for your next project.
  • Fontello - A tool to quickly pack vector images into webfonts.

Find Free Fonts

  • Google Fonts (previously Google Web Fonts) - Search for free fonts. over 800 font families.
  • Font Squirrel - A great source for free fonts.
  • Abstract Fonts - Free simple icons for your next project.
  • DaFont - Archive of freely downloadable fonts.
  • FontSpace - Find and download legally licensed fonts. The site offers a collection of 67,000+ free fonts from over 2,900 designers.
  • 1001 Fonts - 22,167 free fonts in 11,870 families.
  • Urban Fonts - Download Free Fonts and Free Dingbats.
  • FontSpring - tons of free fonts for designers on a budget.
  • Fontsly - Big collection of Free Fonts for Download. Browse fonts by style, by type, by alphabet, by author or by popularity.

Find Free Stock Images and Videos for Commercial Use

  • FreeImages (License Info)- Browse over 300,000 free stock photos and find the perfect royalty-free image quickly.
  • Pixabay (License Info) - Get over 1.8 million high quality stock images and videos shared by the community.
  • StockSnap (License Info) - Hundreds of free high resolution stock images.
  • Unsplash (License Info) - Beautiful, free images and photos that you can download and use for any project.
  • Pexels (License Info) - inclusive free stock photo & video library.
  • GratisoGraphy (License Info) - Hundreds of free high-resolution pictures you can use on your personal and commercial projects, free of copyright restrictions.
  • Burst By Shopify (License Info) - free stock images that were shot by global community of photographers. Free use them for commercial use with no attribution required.
  • LibreStock (License Info) - service that index the best free photos from the top stock sites, so that you can find that perfect image much, much quicker.

Online IDE

  • jsFiddle - playground for web developers, an online editor for web snippets. Helps to isolate bugs.
  • Bootstrap Editor - Playground for JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 and jQuery.
  • JS Bin - Front End Developer Playground & Code Editor for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • CodePen - Front End Developer Playground & Code Editor for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Mozilla Thimble - An online code editor that makes it easy to create and publish your own web pages while learning HTML, CSS & JavaScript.